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My 2021 Goals, Dreams, and Aspirations

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Well hello 2021. It’s about time.

2020 Recap:

It sucked. Bad.

Hopes, Dreams, And Ambitions For 2021

For it to be better than that shit-show of 2020.


So overall 2020 seemed bad for just about the entire world.

Politics sucked.

Covid sucked.

Economy sucked.

Employment sucked.

Violence sucked.


On a more personal level, as a family, we did alright.

Some family got the covid but no one died from it.

I made more money this year than usual. We’re doing well financially after a pretty rough start last year.

While everyone was experiencing food shortages and waiting in line for handouts we were eating better than usual while self-quarantining at home.

I took a month off and my wife took off six weeks from work. It was nice to have that option.

BTW, that’s because we’re preppers. There’s simply no arguing that at this point. It worked. We were prepared.

We were able to help a lot of people. That was nice.

My kids moved out.

That was amazing. After years and years of hosting grown children with their families, it’s just my wife and me – an empty nest.

Sooo, 2021 Goals? Where are we?

Well, covid is still here and going strong as ever.

People are rioting in the streets and the divide has never been greater.

Socialism seems to be the new norm so that’s pretty scary.

Other than that…

All in all, I feel pretty good.

We’ll do what we do – live a happy and fruitful life, and let the rest of the world fall apart at the seams.

Brother, that’s okay. I ain’t gonna let it wreak my day.

Damn, it feels good to be me! – Uncle Kracker

Stay focused and take the next step.
Brian Hawkins, out.

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Brian D. Hawkins is a late-blooming thought leader in his mind. So please don't disturb his happy thoughts. It's all he has.

Brian D. Hawkins has been a blogger for over twenty years, having written thousands of public articles on dozens of websites. He currently blogs for and his personal blog at

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