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Saturday’s Arrest Of 31 Patriot Front Members In Idaho Looks Suspicious

Last updated on September 5, 2022

We’ve all heard by now, I’m sure, that the Police arrested 31 members of Patriot Front in Idaho, charging them with plotting a riot at a gay pride event.

Why does this story seem staged?

If this is a white supremacist group plotting a riot, as opposed to a protest, anywhere, I applaud the police work, and I’m glad more violence may have been thwarted.


I’m having a tough time believing any of the stories right now. Take a look at the photo where, supposably, members of this group (I reject the ‘alt-right‘ label) are being detained on location.

Do you see it?

Look at those presumably arrested – the way they’re dressed. And masked. One of them is still wearing a backpack.

When has the police EVER arrested anyone without emptying pockets of weapons, phones, etc.?

They allowed these people to keep their masks on? Their gloves and sunglasses? Hats? Does that ring true to you?

Why would the police allow the arrested to congregate in one location like that – as if they were posing for a photograph? You’d think each one of those people would be in the back of a separate patrol car.

31 Patriot Front Members Arrested
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31 Patriot Front Members Arrested – They Keep Masks

Maybe police protocol is different in Idaho but that just seems wrong to me.

Call me cynical but after Thursday night’s prime-time January 6th production, truth and justice seem to be taking a backseat to opinion and agenda.

Adam Curry of The No-Agenda Podcast (26:41) brought that up, and I agree that it is beyond suspicious. It’s almost unbelievable.

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  1. Jeff Jeff

    Looks like the group posed for their group photo at the police station. Need to find out where that picture was taken. Sketchy is a correct description.

    • Brian D. Hawkins Brian D. Hawkins Post author

      It’s true Jeff, most cops are chasing people with cameras away, not posing for them, and certainly not lining them up for a group photo pose. Funny how the media just buys into it without question. Thanks for the comment, I completely missed it earlier.

      If they were all wearing masks that photo would have been celebrated around the world.

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