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About The Opinion Blog

The Opinion Blog is mostly the opinions of Brian D. Hawkins, on just about any topic he finds interesting enough to opinionate about. He is me.

The Opinion Blog is, surprisingly, an opinion blog. It shouldn’t be where you get your news from. No one should be basing decisions on the dribble found here. It is just one person’s opinion at one particular moment in time. Even that is subject to change without warning.

The most exciting part of that is, is that it’s my opinion. That’s exciting because now there can be no doubt that this dribble is all nonsense. When have I ever been accused of making sense? 🧐

The opinion blog of Brian D. Hawkins was just too long of a URL. No one is going to type all that in. Although, I have been known to toss a guest post in there every now and then, so maybe it’s better to keep me out of the site address altogether (See Rebranding below).

You can read more about me personally here if you’re really bored.

Opinion Blogger Does NOT Mean Journalist

The most important part to understand when reading any of my opinion articles is, It Ain’t News. It might not even be right. In fact, it probably ain’t. I’ve been blogging since 2004 but I have ZERO training as a journalist. That’s why I’m a blogger. I can put on a bandage or brace a broken leg but I don’t go around calling myself a doctor.

So, take EVERYTHING you see on this website with a grain of salt.

At the bottom of every page of this site is this basic disclaimer:

Disclaimer – I Ain’t No Expert
I am, now and always, an expert at only being myself and nothing more. I’m not a legal expert, health expert, political expert, or expert at anything I opinionate about on this blog.

I’m an opinion blogger.

By definition, that means if you make any important decision based on what you read here, you might be an idiot.

Get professional advice that you paid for by people much smarter than me.

How The Opinion Blog Came About – Rebranding

I registered back in 2004 and it has taken on several forms since then. I sat on the domain before finally putting up a personal blog in 2008, while already running Extreme Site Promotions, The Extreme Ezine, Your Ad Tracker, and several niche sites & online forums – all of which are in the virtual graveyard now.

I was stinkin’ busy!

It wasn’t until this year, I decided to re-brand my personal blog. I’d been posting a lot of content recently, mostly opinion posts, as well as some curated news. I didn’t want my personal blog to come across as a news site.

So I moved all of the content over to and there can be no confusion as to my intent – to express my opinion.

I share some news, and usually offer my opinion on it, but I AM NOT a news investigator, anchor, or even an aggregator. Just a loud-mouth blogger with a lot to say. Nothing more.

This Is A One-Man Band

Lastly, I’d like to apologize in advance for all the mistakes and wrong crap I write. I am just me. There’s no crew, team, or staff here. There’s no editor, proofreader, or executive anything.

I do the writing. I do the editing. I create most of the images. I’m generally writing when I’m tired and angry. I’m always tired and angry. 😅

Mistakes will be made.
Inaccuracies are guaranteed.

My editorial process consists of listening to each draft being read in the Pocket app as I try to find mistakes and sometimes, just sometimes, my wife will stomach my nonsense long enough to look it over.

That’s it. That’s always been it, for eighteen years now. I don’t see an editorial staff coming anytime soon since I generate just about enough profit to buy lunch once a month from this website.

I’ve bored you enough, Brian