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Don’t Believe Everything You See Online – The Anti-Riot Vehicle That Didn’t

Last updated on September 5, 2022

Don’t believe everything you see online. This ten-year-old video is making its rounds on social media making emotions run high.

Today, after posting another fantastic post on Next Step Survival, I ran across a very troubling video on Twitter. It turns out this video has been posted thousands of times all over social media ever since the George Floyd murder.

This video is a demo of a Bozena Riot System from over a decade ago and hasn’t been used here in the United States.

This is another case of people uploading and sharing content to get people’s emotions running high without checking the source.

The first thing I did is search the TM Logo watermarked in the video. It took less than a minute to find the original video on YouTube, posted on Dec 23, 2010.

I’m just as concerned as anyone else about the injustice being used against protesters but making false claims helps no one.

Just my two cents. It is a cool piece of machinery though.

Here’s an article about it published by The Daily Mail back in 2017 if you want to learn more about it. (If you can see anything with all those ads. Just ridiculous).

Bye now, Brian

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