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Biden Is Playing With Fire As Our Country Crumbles

As we transition from a two-year assault on Freedom, I mean a pandemic, to crisis after crisis, beginning with our economy and critical supplies, Biden and his puppeteers continue creating more and more emergencies.

“I’ve been saying for two years, ‘If there were ever a time for one of our enemies to attack, it is now while we were forced to our knees and fight to stand back up’ but I should have been more worried about our own Government attacks once we were beaten into submission.”

Brian D. Hawkins

These people seem to be willing to tear down every bit of Liberty we have left to hold up their part of the agenda.

If you think that’s just conspiracy rhetoric, you’re uninformed at best, too stupid to think for yourself at worst. EVERYTHING about the Worldwide Agenda is not only written, it’s published, distributed, and endorsed all over the world.

That’s another discussion, I don’t want to dilute this important message by trying to catch up with those not paying attention. Maybe I’ll find an extra few hours in the next few months to tackle the blissfully ignorant sheeple issue.

Let’s move on.

As I was saying, the Biden regime is playing with fire as our country, at least her grasp on freedom, weakens and begins a rather quick descent into a dictatorial technocracy – technocratic dictatorial rule by a tiny elite.

“Many of us are pondering when things will return to normal. The short response is: never. Nothing will ever return to the ‘broken’ sense of normalcy that prevailed prior to the crisis because the coronavirus pandemic marks a fundamental inflection point in our global trajectory.”

World Economic Forum globalist Klaus Schwab – Author of ‘Covid-19: The Great Reset’

As I write this, on Sunday, February 27, 2022, we have trucker convoys headed to Washington DC, President Vladimir Putin hiding from the covid and killing innocent civilians to stop Ukraine from even thinking about joining NATO, fuel prices jumping to levels not seen in decades, food and critical supplies climbing in price faster than anyone could imagine, and what is Biden doing?

Biden is sipping warm milk, eating cookies, and “appears” to be throwing rocks at a nuclear superpower that feels (Justifiably – sorry folks, it’s true) the west’s “eastward expansion of NATO, which is moving its military infrastructure ever closer to the Russian border” threatens their sovereignty and violates (Continues to violate) agreements we made and have been breaking for many years now.

That’s not an endorsement of Putin, his tactics, or his murderous actions. It’s simply looking at the truth without allowing blind loyalty to a government that is attacking the lives of its own citizens to cloud my judgment.

So, did Biden screw up and allow something to get out of hand, or was that the plan from the beginning. Surely it’s not a failed and disgraced dictator playing a shell game on the American people, is it?

Biden wouldn’t stoop to the level of poking the Putin bear just to take the World’s eyes from his inability to stave off economic crises and declare a new enemy responsible for the high fuel costs, shortages of workers, a supply chain on its knees, and demonstrations from angry Americans building up at every turn. Would he?

Or is it more of the same, as we try to pick up the pieces, the totalitarian government on board with world agendas desperately wanting to remain in the lead on a personal level, as I often say, doubling down on stupid.


Or, could it be that every crisis, real or imagined, is one more reason for the feds to rip more freedom and liberty from us. Funny how well that works, time and time again.

I have three simple words to the millions of people that cowered in the corners of their homes, wore masks even though it defied every grain of common sense and science known to man, forced your family, employees, and anyone within your pathetic social distanced perimeter to wear a mask or two, waited patiently to get the shots and hope for more soon, all because the government that caused all of this and the mainstream media that’s been lying to you your entire life told you to – I have three words for you people.

You Deserve This!

I’m done, Hawkins out.

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Brian D. Hawkins is a late-blooming thought leader in his mind. So please don't disturb his happy thoughts. It's all he has.

Brian D. Hawkins has been a blogger for over twenty years, having written thousands of public articles on dozens of websites. He currently blogs for and his personal blog at

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