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Big Tech Dangers 👁 Our Society Is At Risk 🌎 Opinion With Curated Videos

Last updated on September 5, 2022

Is Big Tech Destroying Our Lives? This is a curated video post with a tiny bit of genius commentary.

We have a lot of challenges today. In the midst of a global pandemic and an economy that seems to be falling apart, sorry, I mean is being torn apart, there are a lot of challenges we deal with day to day. And many most don’t even see it.

Among those challenges, some old and some more recent, we have things like big ag, big pharma, our own whacked out government, the biased media and now, the most powerful – big tech.

Facebook, Google, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and on and on, are now doing more than using our metadata to sell us stuff these days, they’re literally spying on us and using our own actions to change policy, laws, and social norms to align with their jacked up narratives.

This is beyond dangerous and scary, it’s deadly. I don’t want to sound like a drama queen but our society, the way we live, is at risk of dying forever, to be replaced by hidden slavery.

Tristan Harris – Facebook & Rethinking Big Tech | The Daily Show
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Is time running out on Big Tech’s monopoly? | Fox News Rundown
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How Big Tech Became So Powerful

Is Big Tech Destroying Our Lives?

The danger of big tech is really the danger of people’s acceptance. The willingness to give up privacy and freedom for convenience and instant gratification.

You Are Unique

Understand that you are here, watching and reading, to find some truth and make sense of things. Most people don’t care. Worse, most people want YOU to submit.

Don’t submit,
brian D hawkins

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