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Build Back Better 💩- Funny MEME

Build Back Better Framework is Joe Biden’s disastrous, and hopefully failed, attempt to rob America of another $1.2 Trillion dollars of stolen money (Printed and then stolen – win/win) in yet another left-wing scheme to grow big government bigger and lock more Americans into a dependency class that will be even more manageable than the sheep that elected him in. 🤯

Funny MEME - Build Back Better
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The Build Back Better Funny Meme – Feel Free To Share This Graphic

Build Back Better – One Failed Idea After Another

Build Back Better, backdropped by massive debt and higher inflation than America has seen in decades, is a ridiculous plan to print, spend, and collect ourselves into more jobs (millions of good-paying jobs 🤣 – because they’re doing a great job at building the great resignation so far), bring affordable health care (This is always a tactic by democrats that has done nothing but make things worse for everyone) and a ton of other moronic ideas and lies conjured up in con artist fashion. 🤮

“No one making under $400,000 will pay a penny more in taxes.”

Biggest Lie Written Into The Build Back Better Disaster 🤥

Is it just me or does it seem like the Biden administration came into office with no plan at all? It’s like they’re looking around Reddit for various threads that resemble an idea and just putting them out there.

Biden Thinking Cartoon
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Yeah, that should work. Just throw billions trillions of dollars into it and everything will be just fine. Hey, your hair smells heavenly. Can I have a tiny taste?

I’d like to thank Biden and his band of idiots for providing such a 💩 show. I’ve never had so much material for this blog.

I’m out, Hawkins

Thanks, Jeff, keep those ideas coming. LOL

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