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Let The Tyrannical Canadian Witch Hunt Begin – The Government’s Assault On Freedom & Liberty

Last updated on September 5, 2022

The peaceful protests and patriotic Freedom Convoy have been ripped apart by low-life politicians and cops that follow orders, even when they are unlawful or immoral. It’s a shame but expected. But is it over? Not even close.

The reaction of the totalitarian Trudeau Regime and the Canadian government didn’t ‘fix’ a thing, it fueled an ember. An ember that will eventually grow and learn to hate and fight.

Nice job Trudeau, you pompous idiot.

The Freedom Convoy Is Canada’s January 6th

Trudeau’s Assault On Freedom & Liberty Is Far From Over

Just as the US Government did to the participants of the January 6thinsurrection” (Yes, I believe it was an insurrection and there will be more as the government takes more freedom from the citizens that own this country), Canada will go after it’s Freedom Convoy participants and supporters.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the tyrants in the United States government assist Trudeau in hunting down and punishing American citizens that dared to support a peaceful protest against government abuse and overreach. After all, our rulers need to stick together – you know, to keep the filthy little citizens in check.

Bye. Brian

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