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Cancel PayPal – Bye Bye PayPal, We’re Done

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Cancel PayPal – In this article, I’ll tell you why I’m finished with PayPal and why you should probably be.

Today I crossed off a massive entry in my to-do list – Cancel PayPal. I didn’t completely cancel them; they do still exist. If I had the power… never mind.

What Did This Evil Turd Of A Company Do To Make So Many Want To Cancel PayPal?

PayPal has been jerking people/businesses around since the beginning. They suck and have always sucked. We kept doing business with them, trying to play by their rules because there was little competition.

First, PayPal changed its terms of the agreement, stating that they could fine users $2,500 for promoting misinformation, i.e., “the sending, posting, or publication of any messages, content, or materials” that “promote[s] misinformation.” [1]

Later they recanted that with a statement claiming that the updated user agreement was sent out in error.

Then it was widely reported that PayPal once again added similar restrictions and fines into their agreements:

Online payments giant PayPal has quietly readopted a wildly unpopular policy allowing it to fine users $2,500 every time the company believes they violated its terms of service with transgressions as vague as publishing “harmful, obscene, harassing or objectionable” messages.

Then on Nov 10, 2022, USA Today’s Chris Mueller published, “Fact check: No, PayPal hasn’t ‘reinstated’ policy to fine users $2,500 for misinformation.”

What’s True Then?

Both. Probably. There are so many lies and deception going on in the media from both sides that it’s difficult to know or understand what’s true.

I did find that the $2,500 fine is still defined within their User Agreement but not necessarily for misinformation. I just don’t know, but I am done with them.

PayPal User Agreement Partial Screenshot
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PayPal User Agreement Partial Screenshot.

These are slimy people, and they always were. I’ve watched friends lose access to their accounts, watched their businesses die, websites go dark, and a lot more because PayPal does what they want, and no one is safe while under its thumb.

You can look for yourself. I’m done with the idiots, and there are more I’ll cancel soon.

PayPal Acceptable Use Policy
PayPal User Agreement

Life is too short to dance around immoral agendas. PayPal is immoral and so is its agenda in my opinion.

Brian D. Hawkins

I didn’t remove or delete my PayPal account for several reasons.

  1. I have records going back as far as May of 2003. I thought I could download and store those files from the last 19 ½ years locally, but apparently, we’re only allowed the last seven years, and I could only request the last six months. I started looking deeper into it, but I have enough on my table. It just isn’t that important to me.
  2. As deplorable and immoral as PayPal is, it can sometimes serve as a tool when few other options are available. If my son, for example, needs funds on the other side of the country, He can access money in seconds, should that become necessary. And I’m not on Facebook.
  3. Thanks to the Biden administration’s totalitarian rule, we have a limit of just $600/year before the Fed starts intruding into our lives. The more tools to send personal cash, the better. A kneejerk reaction to deleting PayPal ultimately leaves fewer options.

De-Fund PayPal

What I DID DO, and I would recommend everyone do, is I stopped using the filthy wannabe bank. That was a big job, I will admit. I was using the devil for everything from Netflix to my server payments. I’ve been using PayPal for so long that I spent most of my time requesting passwords to old accounts I haven’t logged into for ages.

Once I removed my last automatic payment, I disconnected PayPal from my bank account. I was using a business account I don’t keep a lot of money in, but I see no need to allow them access from this point on. Should I use this tool in the future, I will find a way to fund just enough to cover my needs.

These people can’t be trusted with a single cent of ours.

When You Have Payments Coming In – PayPal Business

Things get a lot more complicated when you’re running an online business and customers are paying you with the PayPal subscription model. In 2006, I started an ad tracking website (Think bit-ly only earlier) where hundreds of customers (subscribers) paid $4.95/Month or $49.95/Year using PayPal.

If I still had that memberships website, I’m sure I would have lost MOST of my customers by changing the payment processor. Moving to Stripe, for example, would have caused most customers to simply delete their accounts. Luckily, Bitly ate my lunch years before PayPal became an issue.

That’s the sad truth when it comes to most change. Period. Whether it be rebranding, changing email frequency, blog focus, audio genre, or payment process, you’re going to lose big. Many YouTubers are discovering this right now as they try to leave that evil video monster for the likes of Rumble, Odysee, or any other newer social media platform.

Asking Customers To Change Is HUGE

For that reason, I wouldn’t blame a business for not jumping on the Cancel PayPal bandwagon.

Before You Delete Your PayPal Account

Before you decide to delete your PayPal account, you’ll want to:

  • Find an adequate replacement.
  • Replace all outgoing payments and subscriptions using PayPal with a different payment processor so as not to cause interruptions or cancellations with whatever you’re paying for.
  • Obviously, you’ll want to withdraw any funds sitting in your PayPal account before you close it so you don’t lose that money.
  • You may want to download your activities and store those elsewhere, so you have access to your records. Create and download a detailed report for up to the last seven years here (You must be logged into PayPal). Good luck. I couldn’t make the form work beyond six months. The drop-down date selector didn’t seem to update the form entry. Could be the browser I’m using.
PayPal Activity Download Form Screenshot.
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PayPal Activity Download Form Screenshot.
  • You may want to request a download of your Personal, financial, and usage information data. Get a copy of your data here (You must be logged into PayPal). I just received my data a minute ago (the same day), and the information shown is all the usual stuff you’d expect. Bank info, address, social security number, credit/debit card numbers, emails, phone numbers, and status. Indeed, more than you’d want to be made public but nothing you wouldn’t expect a financial institution to have.
PayPal request for data form screenshot
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PayPal request for data form screenshot.
PayPal Request For Data Confirmation Screenshot
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PayPal Request For Data Confirmation Screenshot.
  • Remove your funding bank and card information. You don’t want your banking institutions linked to your PayPal account. Note: You will not be able to fund your PayPal account without a funding source linked to it.
PayPal Debit Removed
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I un-linked my personal bank debit card from PayPal.
  • To delete your data, you will need to delete your PayPal account. The request form can be found here (You must be logged into PayPal).
  • Do not forget to delete your account from the PayPal app on your devices.

Just My Opinion On Cancel PayPal

As with everything on this blog, it’s only my opinion.

Since that’s true, let’s opinionate a bit.

If you can’t afford to, are unwilling to, or are unable to cancel Paypal, that’s alright. You might consider funding your PP account with a prepaid credit card or a separate bank account with limited funds.

You might want to limit your use and interaction with PayPal whenever a viable alternative is available.

I’m outta here while I still have a few hours of weekend left.

See ya, Brian

The sheets are wrinkled.
I repeat, the sheets are wrinkled.

Sources, Citations, & Credits

  1. Analysis by Cristiano Lima | Researched by Aaron Schaffer. “Paypal Faces Backlash after Floating Fines for Sharing Misinformation.” The Washington Post. WP Company, October 10, 2022.
  2. Featured image partial credit: Gerd Altmann and Karyma.

Cancel PayPal And Their Draconian Rules Pinterest Image

Cancel PayPal And Their Draconian Rules
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Cancel PayPal And Their Draconian Rules.
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