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China Lockdowns – A Question Everyone Should Be Asking

Last updated on August 14, 2022

With all of the severe China lockdowns recently, to the point of death of Chinese citizens and literal abuse to entire cities at the slightest sign of ANY COVID-19 infection, why don’t I hear anyone asking why? Call me a conspiracy theorist but I know what I’ve been thinking for months.

“If this coronavirus, specifically SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19), might have been developed and leaked from a Wuhan lab, shouldn’t we be concerned when the very country of origin seems to overreact and locks down entire cities for a single COVID-19 infection?”

Brian D. Hawkins

Assuming the China lockdowns aren’t just a crazy government reaction, shouldn’t we be asking what the Chinese know about covid infections that we don’t?

Rather than assume the Chinese government is just crazy with their “Zero Covid” policy, should we wonder what’s with the draconian China lockdown measures?

If they developed it, with or without US help or funding, wouldn’t they have a pretty good idea of what the long-term implications of a covid infection might be? How bad would those implications have to be for China lockdowns across entire cities?

Even if you bought into the BS that it was from some bat, raccoon dog, or a giant salamander1 animal to human transmission, what would the sensible response for the Chinese government be? China Lockdowns of cities or simply shut down the wet markets that cater to the weirdos that eat unsafe animals and pets?

Seriously, no matter what you think about the US government covid lies, the Covid-19 Vaccines, evil Fauci, or any other related topic, just ask yourself, “Why are the Chinese overreacting in the form of severe China Lockdowns, and could they know something we don’t know about the long-term effects of contracting this disease?”

What do the Chinese know that we don’t? Or, should we be asking what the Chinese know that our government won’t admit?

Just food for thought on a question I haven’t seen a single person ask.

See ya, Brian

The lizard is in the cage. I repeat the lizard is in the cage.

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