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Clare Daly On The Media Coverage Of War And Human Suffering – Recommended Video

Last updated on September 5, 2022

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This week’s recommended video is by Clare Daly on the human suffering outside the Ukraine/Russia war, including children of Afghanistan, and why they don’t warrant the continuous media coverage we see on the Russian front.

Clare Daly is a very spirited member of the European Parliament and founding member of the Socialist Party, which she left in 2012 and is now a party member of Independents 4 Change.

Meanwhile in Afghanistan… tens of thousands seeking refuge; five million children facing famine; 500% increase in child marriages; children being sold to feed families… Not a mention of it.

My god, they must be wondering what makes their humanitarian crisis so unimportant.

Clare Daly @ClareDalyMEP · Mar 8

Clare Daly is from Ireland and seems to have a passion for victims of war and human suffering. Crazy, right? I mean, shouldn’t she be ignoring the suffering going on around the world and focus on high inflation and gas prices?

Anyway, even though this lady is most assuredly on a different side of the political spectrum as I’m generally aligned with, I think Clare Daly makes a lot of sense and I hope her voice is heard around the world.

Clare Daly: Website | Twitter | European Parliament Profile

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