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Contact Me

Feel free to contact me for any legal or legitimate reason. I’m a one-man band here and I stay months behind on my emails.

When NOT To Contact Me

  • I DOT NOT accept sponsored or guest posts, except on the very rare occasion when I approach someone and offer it. This is my personal opinion blog.
  • I DO NOT accept paid or sponsored reviews.

I’m not interested in anything you’re promoting and I do not need your service or product. Soliciting me through email is a guaranteed way of NEVER gaining my consideration. This is not your personal sponsored email. Please show some class and respect.

Social Media

I’m very approachable and easy to contact. You can add me to your social networks, but just to be clear, I’m rarely on most social media platforms.

I have not set up branded social media accounts for The Opinion Blog yet. I may get to that one day but in the meantime, I’m just using my personal accounts.

I’ve included some of my other branded accounts for different websites just because I find them helpful for myself.

Where’s The Contact Form

I removed the contact form due to continuous spammers. Sorry.

My email? Humm, since you made it this far. Don’t abuse it, please. It’s this domain, the complete domain followed by the dot com of Gmail. It has two dot coms. Simple, right?

If you email me with an offer, I’ll block you. If you email with something that should have been a post comment, I’ll block you. If you email me with… you know what? I’m just going to block you. You probably shouldn’t even bother emailing me.

Side note: The sign I used as the featured image for this page was actually on our front door for an entire month back in March 2020. It was awesome!