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Divide And Conquer Game – You Are The Divided – You Are The Conquered

Last updated on March 12, 2022

I’ve been saying for years, the only reason to have a left and right, liberal and conservative, Democrat and Republican, is to divide and conquer. Period.

Even those that understand the game, still fall prey to it. It’s really an interesting thing that’s happening, and it’s been going on for thousands of years. Way beyond what we call America today.

No, I don’t think there’s a room full of Mason’s playing a game of chess, and we’re the pawns. I believe it’s just how things have always been, as human nature for the elite and powerful.

Keep the idiots fighting, and they won’t even notice what’s really going on here.

We have a built-in political system that works perfectly for our purposes, so let’s take full advantage of the morons and get away with anything we want. We don’t know who gave us this system of control, but it was a gift beyond priceless.

Thoughts of those yielding the power Of Governance

Yes, I know you can’t go beyond priceless you fool, now shut up. I’m a blogger and I have the floor. Respond below if you must, I’ll take your comments like a man but only after I get my say.

People Are Hateful – On Both Sides Of The Political Spectrum

It’s sad, but there’s a lot of hate dividing us right now. It’s not just here in the United States either, this is a truly worldwide crisis. I’m not going to jump on that soapbox right now, other than mention one example of what I am referring to.

Let me put a little context into the tweet below. I replied to Lauice’s tweet (see below the tweet) and I was referring to the originator of the tweet she shared by Daniel Uhlfelder, not her. I believe I made her feel defensive and that was my fault by not being clear.

I follow Lauice on Twitter because I enjoy her content. I agree with very little of her ideas, actually, but I do have respect for her. The differences in opinions and ideology are just ways to make things interesting. When you have respect and are civil, the rest is never an issue that warrants us to personally fight with one another.

My reply to the tweet above,

What’s sickening to me is otherwise intelligent people looking at filth plastered by extremists and calling it “Republican.” That’s the hate that’s dividing this country, not the tiny minority attracting attention. I’m not republican, but I am against hate from any direction.

Now, with all that I mentioned above in mind, I want to quote Laurice’s reply, even though I believe it was a misunderstanding because I believe it is relevant. She said,

Well, it doesn’t help they are using right wing slogans like let’s go “Branon” and tend to align themselves with various groups attached to the MAGA movement.

That’s exactly the problem, isn’t it? Not her, that very common sentiment. They align themselves with this group. Therefore, this group is also bad. That math is bad. That can’t be how we judge one another.

If an underground, white supremacist, purple-haired, fire-eating, nazi-loving, extremist group like to fly a flag with a huge ‘L’ on it, we don’t hate Laverne, right? They align with her, she doesn’t align with them. That hate is misaligned, and it’s very dangerous and unfair.

Okay, that probably wasn’t the best analogy, but I’m keeping it, even though I just aged myself. I was trying to keep that example fictitious so as not to have morons putting words into my mouth.

Don’t Believe Everything You See

If you don’t believe there were ‘plants‘ in the January 6th disaster, you should do a little research. If you don’t believe there are plants at every protest large enough to draw media attention, I don’t know how to help you understand anything.

There were certainly plants inserted into the Freedom Convey protests in Ottawa. Okay, it’s possible some random idiot Canadian wants to display the Nazi flag but the confederate flag we’ve seen in a couple of photos? Does that even make sense to you?

Don’t buy into the narrative because they’re not on your side. I say that not knowing who ‘they‘ are or what side you’re on, but I’m right. I’m sure of that because people twisting the narrative don’t read my blog and apparently, you do, if even just this one time. They are working on a proven divide and conquer strategy, and you’re one of the divided and, yes, conquered. We all are.

There Is No Real Left Or Right, Just Them And Us

Stop Being Stupid.

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You Are Being Played.
You Are Being Controlled.
Bye for now,

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