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EVERYONE Will Eat The Bugs – Recommended Video

Last updated on August 14, 2022

Eat the BUGS? Is the idea that our elite and powerful rulers want us to eat the bugs a conspiracy theory? Could it be true? Well, let’s take a look…

“EVERYONE Will Eat The Bugs”

Says Edward Snowden – Timcast IRL – Recommended Video

Honestly, it takes just a minute of research, if you care and dare, to see without a doubt that it’s true – you will eat the bugs if the Great Reset(Paid link) happens as planned.

The Great Reset has a lot of moving parts and it’s not some secret backroom plan of world domination – it’s openly written about and widely discussed by the very people that developed and/or support the movement. We’re talking about rich, elite, and powerful people across the globe.

The Great Reset is not some fringe and isolated group of nutjobs that can be ignored. It’s the World Health Organization, the US Government leadership, along with other government leaders across the world, Big Business, mass media, and the Powerful Elite, including Bill Gates.

Anyway, do your research. I have several article drafts lined up related to this subject but I’ve been pretty busy and I don’t see it easing up anytime soon. In the meantime, I pass the challenge onto you.

One of the key factors in the great reset is climate change. If you haven’t noticed the increase of climate change and the sky is falling rhetoric among liberal media and left-wing politicians, you aren’t paying attention.

One of those climate issues, according to the idiots in charge (Thought leaders ☹️), is that meat is bad. Growing meat, more precisely. Yep, cow farts are back but with new twists.

So raising animals is bad for the environment and kills resources thereby causing famine in other parts of the world. That’s only going to get worse because the population numbers are out of control. Don’t worry, there are plans for that as well. 😉

The solution is simple – eat less meat. What about protein? Easy – eat bugs. Eat fake meat.

Okay, you cannot tell me you haven’t noticed the increase in fake meats in grocery stores and restaurants. I’m telling you, this thing is coming on strong and hard. Bill Gates alone has enough money invested in this agenda to impress small governments.

Anyway, one of the solutions to the ‘feeding the world’ problems is already the norm in several parts of the world – Eat the bugs!

Just For Fun – Let’s Indoctranate Some Kids

Gimlet Media has a podcast geared toward kids called ‘Chompers’ – to help your family build good brushing habits. Well, can you believe they just finished ‘Bug Week?’ That’s a whole week of teaching kids about bugs as they brush their teeth. You’ll love this one:

Extra Credit – Another Cool Video

I’m telling you folks, there’s no shortage of information on how we’re all going to eat the bugs. Here’s a Rebel News YouTube clip featuring Christine Anderson – a Member of the European Parliament.

You will own nothing and be happy. You will eat bugs and like it. You will be compliant and ranked by that compliance. You will be reliant and be taken care of. You will be rationed and paid according to your scores.

You Will Eat The Bugs!

See ya, Brian D. Hawkins

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Featured Image Credit: Image by Ryan McGuire from Pixabay & CleanPNG

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