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If You Don’t Eat Your Meat, You Can’t Have Any…

Last updated on December 18, 2022

I’m going to finally tell you the truth after all those stupid so-called experts tried and failed. Should you eat meat or only plants, nuts, and berries? By the time you’re finished with this article, you’ll have a firm grasp of nothing and be as confused as ever.

You will understand, however, that we’re asking the wrong questions.

The views expressed in this Eat Your Meat article are those of Brian D. Hawkins and are most assuredly incorrect. No matter. Read it anyway.

I hope you have developed a healthy dose of skepticism about any piece of advice when it comes to the best human diet. It’s all wrong.

We have vegetarian, carnivore, vegan, paleo diets, keto, and so on. Vegetables or high fat and meat? Which is best? I know which tastes best, that’s for sure. But is it healthier?

Should You Eat Your Meat?

No. I mean, yes. I mean, let’s look into some of the research available. You know, because research and data are so much fun.

First, If you don’t eat your meat, you can’t have any pudding! By that, I mean most of us were raised to eat meat, right? Of course, mom couldn’t have been wrong in making those three-inch-thick juicy cheeseburgers cooked in lard, dripping in fat, and covered with ketchup.

Come on, you knew we’d break into dance after a question like that.

Answer: Eat farm-fresh meats sourced locally and mix plenty of fresh, unprocessed poultry and fish into your diet. Eat lots of greens and avoid processed foods – including crap you pour onto, dip into, or marinate your meat in. STOP eating bread, grains, sugars, and pasta.

It All Smacks Of Agenda

It all smacks of agenda because everyone has one. Those that don’t are the sheep, programmed by human nature all the way up to blatant lies to believe in one of those agendas.

Answer: You are those bricks in the wall.

Seriously, Is Red Meat A Carcinogen?

Do you mean meat causes cancer like formaldehyde?

Answer: The World Health Organization thinks so, but if we’ve learned anything over the last couple of years, it is that those people cannot be trusted. Big brother’s daddy.

Understand this, if red meat were the only problem, we wouldn’t have a problem. We’ve had enough studies and advanced far enough to understand that our out-of-control cancer is based on heavily processed foods loaded with toxic chemicals and our lack of exercise, discipline, and self-control.

Anyone spewing crap like red meat is the problem is just another uninformed idiot trying to sound smart. Feel free to tell them Brian said that.

Yes, red meat should be consumed in moderation, but so should all foods except water.

How many people are worried about eating red meat while they guzzle a diet soda and eat a bag of potato chips followed up with a big ol’ candy bar. Can you see how ridiculous this argument is?

You know I said that!

Is Eating Red Meat As Bad As Eating Asbestos?

Answer: Probably, if you’re eating your burger with asbestos fries.

Can You Get Enough Protein By Eating Plant-Based Cardboard?

Answer: Who cares? That’s just gross. Stop being stupid.

Are Plant-Based Foods The Future?

Answer: Sad, but probably.

If man decided not to eat meat tens of thousands of years ago you wouldn’t have the luxury of arguing with science and redefining nutrition. Just my two cents. You have the right to eat anything you want. I wouldn’t dream of telling you what to eat. That would be rude.

PS: You’re an idiot if you buy into the “less meat for the envinment” rhetoric. Stop being stupid.

Brian D. Hawkins – YouTube comment

Because I Have No Agenda

Whether that’s true or not depends on whom you believe. Here’s the other side of the story: Human Ancestors Were Nearly All Vegetarians

Here’s The Truth

Here’s what I think. Eat farm-fresh meats sourced locally and mix plenty of fresh, unprocessed poultry and fish into your diet. Eat reasonable portions and get plenty of exercises, both physically and mentally. Intermediate fasting sounds like a good idea, but again, I’m probably wrong.

The Worse Is Yet To Come

For years, we’ve had a few, dare I say ‘troubled,’ people who insist we not eat animals for our health or the animals.’ I don’t care if you eat dog dodo; just don’t tell others they should eat it too.

Again, because people hear what they expect, not what was said or written, allow me to reiterate that last statement. I am NOT saying vegetarians or vegans are troubled, just those that insist the rest of us do so.

But those troubled few were just annoyances. What’s coming will be life-altering and downright evil.

Can You Guess What’s Coming Next?

Climate Change obsessed billionaires and governments fuel the alternative protein agenda, and it will worsen. There’s no way this will die out like a stupid trend. Too much has been invested, and too many influential people have gone all in.

Much as cows, chickens and pigs were domesticated centuries ago as protein sources, “now is the time for this second domestication,” Jonas said in a recent interview. “The farming of this microbe is an efficient way of producing protein that is just as good.”

Thomas Jonas

Some of the words you will be hearing more and more are food tech, plant-based meats, low-carbon food systems, plant, and cell-based alternatives, synthetic beef, dairy made from fungus, and anything suggested by the WHO as if that were some type of respectable food authority. Hogwash.

Plant-Based Meats on the store shelves.
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Plant-Based Meats on the store shelves.
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Plant-Based Meats on the store shelves.
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Plant-Based Meats on the store shelves.
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Plant-Based Meats on the store shelves.
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Just look around the next time you’re in your local grocery store. It’s incredible how fast fake meat has infected store shelves.

Next, we’ll be eating insect-based proteins. They’re already making it for our pets.

So, you see, it’s not a matter of an individual deciding whether to eat meat or not, it’s a matter of society being told what they can eat, how much of it they are allowed, and where it comes from.

Your freedom of choice will not include what’s going into your body because we’re being programmed with a climate change mindset and the same people that have been screwing things up for decades will continue to call the shots, make the profits, and eat a thick steak whenever they please.

I’ll end for now by leaving you with this eye-opening video: The Corbett Report – Episode 400 – Visions of the Future

See ya, Brian

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