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Fellow Citizen-Slaves, I’m So Sorry That I Didn’t See It Coming Until It Was Too Late.

Last updated on September 5, 2022

Attention fellow citizen-slaves, this is an op-ed and commentary piece by Brian D. Hawkins on the state of the world and how we got here.

This is my story. My excuss. My questions. If you came here for answers, I have yet another thing to apologize for.

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I’m an old man now. At least I feel I am sometimes, in my mid-fifties, watching my Country be beaten down from the inside. I’m so sorry that I didn’t see it coming until it was too late.

Too late for what? What could I have done? Nothing. But I did not have to contribute. I didn’t have to help “condition” another generation of obedient citizen-slaves to work hard, wait in line, be quiet, do what they’re told, and be happy pushing to cart for just enough to become more dependant.

Divide and Conquer

Worse – To blindly attack one another on-demand, without remorse, and continue the agenda built into the system before any of us were born.

My Story (Excuse)

So back in the ’80s, when I felt like I could tear a bear apart with my bare hands (Get it? 😅) and was smarter than any living human I knew, the most important thing to me was getting proficient with my M-16 (Because that was fun) and preparing to fight to the death with the Soviets. Hopefully their death but I was willing to risk everything.

Sidenote: There may have been a little drinking, roughnecking, and other shenanigans along the way. I was, after all, human. But I digress.

Reagan was president and I 100% fully believed in THIS Country and was ready to defend the Constitution and our Freedom. That was the mindset back then. It’s how we grew up. It’s what we were told.

That’s probably hard for anyone under fifty to understand but we grew up expecting the blinding flash, the wave of air so hot it would melt your skin off, and the radiation that would destroy you from the inside out.

The very best scenario I could imagine was taking the fight to them, on their soil, fighting a traditional and messy ground war. That was the only way my wife and children here in the States could survive a war with the Soviet Union. An emerging empire so powerful it could never collapse. 😧

The Conditioning. The Plan. The System.

In retrospect, that was a lot for a young man in his early twenties to deal with. A sergeant in the Army, a pregnant wife (Always pregnant back then, as I remember), and kids at home. With nuclear war looming in the future. Little did I know a lot of that was “conditioning” by those that I believed in and trusted.

This has been going on for generations. I’m not sure when it started or who had the power and forethought to instigate such an ingeniously evil plan for the citizens of the world.

I’m not even sure it can be pinpointed to any one person or group of people at all. Maybe it’s just the way things turn out. Wealth and power are corrupt and all that. More and more blood and sacrifice are needed to feed the beast.

History was written as a tool so that’s not going to show us anything real or true.

Brian D. Hawkins – Another Almost Famous Quote

We’ll never know how it started. But it’s certainly well on its way now. Isn’t it?

Momentum Is At Critical Mass

So it hurts to think that, as bad as that evil was, it has become much worse and blatantly obvious.

Today’s world leaders, brought up with the same delusions as the rest of us, only gifted with wealth and power, openly stomp on our freedom and punish those that dare to think for themselves.

I remember the first time I saw a nonsensical and rebellious term spray-painted on an old, beat-up car in the trailer park we lived in. I wasn’t even entirely sure what it meant. Just some nut job buying into the conspiracies is all I thought.

Then, as I aged (Matured for those of you still in denial), I began to understand the idea of working until we were just a few years from death was a really dumb plan. That voting was pointless.

My conditioning. Is it waning?

Do your part.
Be a productive member of society.
Don’t be a burden on society. Work hard.
Help those that cannot (Will not?) help themselves.
Don’t rock the boat. Do your job. Obey the law. Your vote counts.

Yes, daddy. I’m sorry daddy. I’ll be a good little citizen daddy. Hey daddy, why are only a few of us rowing the boat? Don’t worry about that, you’re better and smarter than those other people not contributing. Row harder and raise your kids to respect the system.

You bet the conditioning is waning. It was long before the recent demands by our rulers. Pre-covid, for sure.

Wear a mask. Keep your distance. Get the shot. Get two shots. Now get a third. Still wear a mask. Keep your distance. Pay more for less, it was the virus that caused this. You can’t have that right now, the shelves are empty. It was the virus’ fault.

When Does It Stop?

You can’t retire yet. It was the virus’ fault. It was the unvaccinated’s fault.

You no longer have a choice. It’s for your own good.

Attack your neighbor, they aren’t conforming.

Submit you filthy citizen, submit.

Get back in line.

You’ll eat when we feed you. You’ll eat what we feed you. You’ll work where we assign you. You’ll live where we place you.

My friend wrote a book. I liked it. It scared me. It’s not real because it’s fiction. You should read it. Escape from the City by Mic Roland.

It stops when we stop.

And So It Goes. Evil Is What We Allow.

We are now on the precipice. We are looking down into that confusing dark crevasse of accepted injustice.

Robert Hart – Citizen Slave: Understanding Law & Liberty

Is It Too Late For The Citizen-Slaves?

I don’t think so. People aren’t just laying down. Not everyone. States have never been more divided. People have never been more divided. Not everyone is scared. Not everyone is “submitting“.

Did they underestimate us filthy citizens? Did they play their hand a little too soon?

Or is it just another part of the plan?


You may have noticed, not once did I mention the New/Old World Order, the Global Agenda, Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, or even The Great Reset. Good little citizen-slaves don’t believe in such nonsense.

What do I look like over here? Some kind of conspiracy tin foil hat-wearing nut job? Some kind of whacked-out prepper or survivalist thinking the world is coming apart?

Now get back inline!

I’m so sorry.


A Little Related Research & Reading Resources. You KNOW you’re dealing with a genius when you see some brilliance like RR&RR. Am I right? 🤪

We are programmed in a way that even the simplest of information is unseeable.

Shan – YouTube Video Comment

Sharing Is Caring

Share my piece of commentary, please. If you love me. Here’s an image if you want to share it. I’d love to hear your comments too.

About This Author

Brian D. Hawkins is a late-blooming thought leader in his mind. So please don't disturb his happy thoughts. It's all he has.

Brian D. Hawkins has been a blogger for over twenty years, having written thousands of public articles on dozens of websites. He currently blogs for and his personal blog at


  1. Jeff Jeff

    I feel your pain. I came up with Reagan and saw the best years in front of me!! We are being divided by every little detail or charachteristic. I followed a certain sheep on one side but realised they lead us to a single slaughter house……I have been slowly canceling myself from social media society and quite honestly enjoying it Hang in there brother, there are more willing to fight for this flag than there are willing to put down a keyboard.! We all have a lot of lines drawn in the sand. Some are getting very close to be crossed… Hope for the best, plan for the worst.

    • Brian D. Hawkins Brian D. Hawkins Post author

      Well said Jeff, those lines in the sand are visible to the ruling class now. I have to wonder if they’re beginning to realize they’ve bitten off more than they can chew.

      I believe they’ve shown their cards a few years too early. They should have let a few more of us die off first. A little more conditioning for the younger generations without our guidance and it may have already worked. Time will tell.

  2. I sure hope you’re right, Jeff, that enough people will take a stand. The powers do seem to be pushing the herd hard. The world seems full of complaint sheep for whom the promise of owning nothing is fine because the powers said they’d be happy. Being happy/comfortable is all that matters to them. As long as the chains have comfy fleece covers, they’re okay with slavery

    Maybe Brian is right that it’s the “old” folks who remember actual freedom who value it enough to resist the comfy fleece covers.

    — Mic

    • Brian D. Hawkins Brian D. Hawkins Post author

      Hi Mic, I still see masks in many of the businesses I visit daily but a lot of that is company policy being enforced. I say ‘enforced’ because most companies here locally (Not retail stores, I’m referring to warehouses, and such) still have signs posted that almost everyone working there ignores.

      That actually seems normal at this point. What amazes me is what I see on the road. People driving their cars with a mask on. I drive past an upper-end park district most days (I don’t drive in Detroit anymore, for the most part) and almost always see young people masked up riding their bikes on the trail. In their yards wearing masks. Kids waiting for the school bus wearing masks.

      Then there are the signs. People posting signs in their yards urging other people to get vaccinated. Signs showing things like, “No One Can Breathe Easy Again Until Everyone Get Vaccinated”.

      What’s that saying my father used to say, “Hook, Line, and Sinker?”

      Personally, I have no problem with anyone getting the shots, wearing a mask, or staying home. I prefer a free country.

      Many people have allowed fear, justified or not, allow them to not only surrender their rights but to chastise others to follow suit.

      Times are scary but they ain’t boring. At least there’s that.

      • Brian,
        I see some of those masked solo drivers too, but too many lately. Given the media hype (with dot guv blessing, of course), some people have adopted a sort of magic talisman understanding of masks. They’ve become like cloves of garlic to ward off vampires — magical stuff.
        Then too, there’s the virtue-signaling aspect. Like Rachel Maddow said a while back, the masks become a visible symbol of how righteous one is. “See what a loyal subject to the king I am?” A side feature of the signal is it becomes a badge denoting who are the “good” people and (those without the badge) are people that should be despised.
        Both the magic garlic aspect and the badge of virtue aspect have nothing to do with Science (with the capital S and said with echo effects). They’re purely human drama stuff.

        — Mic

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