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Illinois To Give Free Healthcare For Illegal Immigrants – My Commentary

Last updated on April 20, 2022

In this article, I’ll offer my commentary on the latest news on Illinois giving away free healthcare for illegal immigrants. Senior illegals, that is. You might think I’m going to rail against the extreme left, but you may be surprised. Read on my fellow freedom-loving patriot.

The Free Healthcare For Illegal Immigrants Details

The fast skinny of it is that Illinois is offering free health care to undocumented immigrants between the ages of 55 and 64 and in July this year, the free health care will expand again to cover the immigrationally status challenged (Look, Mom, I coined a new woke phrase) ages 42 to 54.

According to Fox 32, “services include doctor and hospital visits, lab tests, physical and occupational therapy, mental health, substance abuse disorder services, dental and vision services, and prescription drugs.

Requirements are based on age, income, resident time, and status. See FOX32 Chicago for the details and where to apply.

My Beliefs and Viewpoint As An Anarchist

I’m amazed at how many people still assume that I’m conservative or right-leaning after all these years of declaring myself an anarchist. Being an anarchist is pretty clear-cut and simple to understand, but it doesn’t solve everything – including our own internal struggles, on occasion. I’m alright with that.

That internal struggle, for me and in this case, goes something like this.

I feel certain rights should come from God, or nature if that bothers you, and we as humans have a duty to acknowledge those rights. Those things might include, from the top of my head, clean air and water, the right to freely travel without fear, and the right to a healthy life.

The ‘right to a healthy life’ doesn’t mean we, as a society, remove what is deemed as unhealthy choices, it means everyone has the right to choose those. It also doesn’t mean that society is responsible to pay for those choices, whether the food we eat or the medical expenses from making the wrong choices.

Emergency healthcare falls within that realm of God-given rights I’m referring to. If someone drops to the floor, unable to breathe due to a bite of steak lodged in their throat, should our help be based on their choice of food, their political beliefs, or their credit score? Of course not. But who pays for the medical care, if required and if the patient has no insurance or money? Society? The rich?

As an anarchist, the perfect solution would be a voluntary structure. If you find yourself with an excess of funds and want to do some good with it, you can simply decide to add it to a fund designed to help the uninsured or poor. There would be no tax right offs because there would be no taxes over what’s also voluntary. See how that works?

The truth is, the anarchist beliefs are nothing but a pipe dream in the grand scheme of things when it comes to society in general. I mean, the libertarians can’t even get a president elected, and they’re almost a republican in my book.

Since we live in the world that we do, with the current corrupt system welded securely in place and controlled by the elite and powerful (I’m avoiding name-calling today), this is the system we have to work with.

In other words, my viewpoint is pretty much irrelevant when it comes to things like state, national, or worldly issues. It serves me very well in my own private life and how I personally view things, but for something like free healthcare for illegal immigrants, it’s not that helpful.

Sorry you asked? Oh, wait, you didn’t. 😜

Finally, My Commentary

I know, I know, you couldn’t wait for my valued commentary on the matter. So here we go. Just remember,

I own my opinions, and you should form your own opinions, so you can own them as well.

Brian D. Hawkins

First, I want to start by mentioning that I am 20,877 days old, and I’ve seen a disturbing generational trend barreling across the high-speed virtual rail that will likely become the status quo; a weaker, more dependent society that somehow manages to be more obtrusive than ever. Priorities are changing, and it’s not my place to insist that mine are better or superior to anyone else. Even though they are. 😉

As I mentioned above, I feel basic emergency healthcare should be a God-given right. Since the people performing those emergency procedures shouldn’t be compelled to eat the cost, I guess, within the system, we have created, society has to flip the bill.

I don’t agree with the system, but that’s the one we have. In my opinion, an emergency need for one has become a burden on the rest of us.

This system is flawed beyond belief, especially when the ‘burden’ falls to such a small minority of working people in a very unfair manner. But I digress.

If you are shot by the police while you are committing a crime and manage to survive, you are taken to the hospital and treated – whether you are able to pay or not.

With that logic, if you illegally cross our border and have a heart attack, you should be treated as well, if you can pay the medical bill or not.

That does not mean society should pay to have your tummy tucked because it’s hurting your self-worth, your dingle-dangle chopped because you suddenly identify as a pencil, or professional counseling because you can’t stop picturing your mom naked. Want free help? Come as close to dropping dead as possible. Please and thank you.

As far as regular treatments for the types of serious or life-threatening conditions — cancer, asthma, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, etc., that’s up to the state. A case can be made that treatment is far more desirable than emergency care, financially and morally.

As we can see from above, Illinois has already outlined the covered services for its program. It looks like California will be the next to jump in with a similar program of free healthcare for illegal immigrants, maybe even for all ages.

That seems like the next logical step for Illinois and California, which certainly has no shortage of illegal aliens or crybaby woke sissies. Oh snap, did I trigger anyone? Let’s call them “noncitizens” then, I’d hate to offend anyone just because they are breaking the law.

I guess I just failed at avoiding name-calling today.

Personally, it’s the method of ‘treatment’ we have in the United States that is more criminal than people climbing over Trump’s failed wall that bothers me, but that’s for another article someday. Maybe I’ll title it, “Pfizer And Other Big Pharma Giants Promote Death For Bigger Profits, Just Slower Death.”

The System We Have

Now, what happens to you after that emergency situation is what we, as a people, have to decide. With our structure today, that is generally done with our vote, to one degree or another. Do we deport that person, to the country they escaped from, ask that person to repay society for the expenses they incurred, or do we house, feed, and care for them, their offspring, for all of eternity because that makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside?

The Diversity Of States Can Work For The Woke

I will say this – the system of States and local districts we have does seem to work. If Illinois and its woke residents want free healthcare for illegal immigrants, then I’m all for that and feel fortunate not to live in that state. Actually, I already do feel fortunate not to live in Illinois, but I won’t bring that up right now. I do think they should NOT be able to ask for federal money, stolen from taxpayers, to pay for free healthcare – for illegals or not.

In fact, I’d be okay with passing out pamphlets to the illegals as they cross our border since there doesn’t seem to be anything stopping them, to inform them of the best state in which to call home – the great woke state of Illinois.

Where you can’t protect yourself, but we’ll force our taxpayers to keep you alive. Don’t forget to vote, apply for a bridge card, and any other welfare you deserve. We just want you to feel at home and vote Democrat in every election and teach your children the government is here to control, I mean 😮, take care of you.

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I’m done, Brian

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