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Geeking Out On Cheap Tech – The Bluetooth Camera Remote

Am I the last one to know about Bluetooth camera remotes (remote shutter release)? I have a cheap $3 mini-tripod I grabbed from the discount shelf of one of those evil discount store chains. It came with a little key fob looking camera remote that I tossed aside and ignored. Until now…

I needed a photo of my dog Sadie and me for a recent blog post (A Simple And Fun Content Marketing Strategy We Can Learn From Snapple®) and we had no one to take the picture.

Sadie and me
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A selfie stick wouldn’t work for what I was looking for and timers don’t work well for shooting pics with animals. They don’t hold a pose very well. 😉

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Phone camera remote fob
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Then I remembered that little camera remote and decided to give it a try. I paired it with my phone and had the shot within minutes. I had one of those “where have you been all my life” feelings.

What an amazing tool and it couldn’t be any cheaper. I can’t recommend a particular brand, I don’t have enough experience and mine is a little generic remote with no writing on it. The same with the cheap mini-tripod it came with. I just know this little tool is staying close by from now on. I love technology. Here’s my Amazon Partner (affiliate) link if you want to use it in a search.

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