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Gender-Affirming Care On Children. Why Is The Biden Administration Promoting Child Abuse?

Last updated on September 5, 2022

Listen to this article:

Suppose you rightfully agree that “gender-affirming care” in schools or on children is child abuse. In that case, it’s hard to understand why our federal government seems to allow this child abuse by extreme woke fanatics.

Why is the Biden administration trying to force states to allow child abuse?

Everyone from the idiot vice president stating her pronouns1 to Biden’s Assistant Attorney General sending2 this letter3 to State Attorneys General (The States) suggesting that it is illegal for the State to get in the way of, what I understand to be, children (minors) being given puberty blockers, hormone therapy, gender surgeries, and other “gender-affirming care,” often leading to sterilization are, as my friend would say, “Out of their rabid minds.” ⬅ Longest sentence ever?

This “gender-affirming care” can include boys being castrated and girls getting double mastectomies and hysterectomies!4

The Biden administration seems to think kids should have the right to consent to their own sex treatments, surgeries, and sterilization, even before they have begun puberty.

Prepubescent kids! Before they experience anything emotionally, and hopefully physically, sexual, can and should decide to change their gender?

How Did This Insanity Get Out Of Hand So Fast?

Of course, these experienced and wise children will never regret decisions that will affect, and likely ruin their lives.

You see folks, this started with pandering to the pronoun and gender identity nonsense.

This is what happens when you empower a mental illness and give it credibility.

Combine that with leadership so old5 they can’t think beyond their next bowel movement and you have the lunatics running the asylum.

Wow, Brian, are you saying transgenderism or homosexuality is a “disease” or a “mental disorder?”

Not at all Kyle, I’m saying people, any people, whether transgendered, just a Karen, or happen to self-identify as a dirty doorknob, wants to allow, or God forbid encourage, a minor to change their gender (which is impossible today – just stating facts), has a mental illness. (My diagnoses as a trucker and loud-mouth blogger)

We need not empower mentally ill morons that feel the need to legitimize their self-worth or how they are viewed by society by dragging children into a life of extended gender dysphoria before they can even truly experience true love on an emotional scale. It’s ridiculous and should be criminalized – not empowered.

it is well established within the medical community that gender-affirming care for transgender youth is not only appropriate but often necessary for their physical and mental health.

a letter to all state attorneys general – Kristen Clarke, Assistant Attorney General, Civil Rights Division, U.S. Department of Justice

States Will Conform With Gender-Affirming Care Or We Won’t Feed Your Kids

The twisted Biden administration wants to hold federal funding for school lunch programs “hostage” in order to force states and schools to create transgender policies that allow their woke ideologies to further indoctrinate American children – be dammed what society and parents want.6

For example, biological boys that identify as girls, according to Brandon should be allowed to use the girl’s bathrooms. Never mind how this affects the little girls in the school. This would apply to any school, public or private, that utilizes federal funding for its school lunch programs.

The FDA Announced Puberty Blocker Hormones Are Dangerous To Children That Use Them

The Food and Drug Administration now shows a link between common puberty blocker hormones, often used in so-called “transgender care,” which may pose serious risks for the children taking them7.

Puberty Blockers For Children – Aren’t You Horrified?

The term “puberty blockers for children” in itself should horrify normal thinking people. If you think it is normal or acceptable to allow a child to take medications to stop, delay or alter their natural development into adulthood, which may come with extreme mental and physical consequences, please check yourself into some form of professional mental therapy. Cause you just ain’t right!

Not to mention, and I can’t believe this is even possible in a first-world country, the “gender-affirming surgery” that is going on, allowing doctors to castrate and sterilize our children.

The Biden Administration Should Be Charged And Prosecuted

This IS child abuse8 and the idea that the United States government is attempting to force states, schools, medical personnel, and parents into allowing such a criminal act is beyond comprehension.

I Am Not Anti-Transgender Or Anti-Queer

I Am For Freedom

I do believe (Remember – this is an opinion blog), grown adults have the right to do with their bodies as they like. Since I’m not a medical professional, I won’t attempt to say anyone’s sexual preference is a mental disability. I will say, as far as I believe, it doesn’t seem “normal,” like the way a nut screws onto a bolt, but I see little “normal” in any of us. You just have to look close enough. We’re all a mess. Especially those that don’t even know they’re a mess.

I do not believe a doctor, the law, the government, family, or society has the right to keep an adult from freely doing as they wish with themselves as long as it doesn’t harm or disrupt the lives of others.

In other words, if someone wants to dance on my lawn naked while barking like a dog, I should be allowed to have that person legally removed without violence. If that person wants to do that in their front yard, they should be given the freedom to do so without discrimination and harassment.

Wait, what if my children are subjected to seeing such a horrible display of indecency?

Well Karen, raise your children better and use that scene as a learning opportunity. I can’t believe you need help raising your own kids. You must be a cry baby social justice butterfly.

But I digress.

I believe everyone should be treated with respect and dignity as long as they’re not hurting anyone.

If you want to take it up the rear with a rainbow-colored magic beanstalk, more power to you. You should not only be able to violate yourself, or another consenting adult, you should be exempt from ridicule by the rest of us.

It’s up to you to decide if you have a problem or are in need of help or therapy.

Maybe you believe hormone treatment and transgender surgery IS the proper treatment for gender dysphoria. Good on ya. Maybe it is for adults. I have no idea, I haven’t lived that life so it’s impossible for me to speak to it.

For the sake of humanity, keep it out of our schools and within the reach of children incapable of making lifelong adult decisions. As they mature, as with any adult challenge, they should be free to make their own decisions.

Until then, let them be kids.

Should they need help or feel confused, ask yourself, “Am I too screwed up to help this child?

The answer is yes. Yes, you are far too screwed up if you cannot understand what they are going through is perfectly normal and doesn’t make them trapped in the body of the opposite sex.

Yes, you are far too screwed up if you think convincing them they were born in the wrong body is the solution.

Only a small number of children with gender dysphoria will continue to have symptoms in later adolescence or adulthood.

Psychology Today

We don’t want our children getting married at twelve, right? Getting a neck tattoo or piercing their belly buttons a nine, right? Why on earth would sex reassignment practices be okay for small children?

My problem isn’t with adults doing adult things. It’s with adults trying to allow children to do adult things, even as far as forcing schools and parents into allowing the warped programming that will undoubtedly build their base of government dependant woke fanatical socialist voters.

These are life-altering and VERY disruptive decisions and the regrets documented today, while often censored, are overwhelming.

What’s The Solution Then?

This is, as always, an opinion piece, but that doesn’t preclude potential solutions or answers, on occasion.

My Standard Disclaimer: As I often mention, I am a professional at only being myself. This is my opinion blog and you should seek the advice of smarter people, preferably someone you actually hire, before acting on anything you see on this website.

🤜🏻 First, get the federal government out of our homes, schools, and lives. If it doesn’t directly relate to the United States Constitution, the federal government has no business, authority, or jurisdiction. Send them back into conformance.

🤜🏻 Next, rather than allowing woke morons the authority and opportunity to indoctrinate our children with their lack of values and socialistic views, get them away from public schools. Home school your children. If I had it my way, public schools would be disqualified from receiving a single penny of taxpayer funding. Not one red cent. Die public schools – die!

🤜🏻 Raise your kids right. Please. If your kid is a bully, they have a problem. Address it before it gets out of hand and follows them throughout their life – all the while disrupting others that they don’t understand or relate to.

🤜🏻 Next, teach your children to stand up for themselves, even if it, on that rare occasion, needs to result in physical defense. I told my kids, of which I have four (All grown now), that if they legitimately had to fight to protect themselves, they would not be punished. If the school suspended them, I would consider it a vacation and they would be free to enjoy the time off without punishment.

If, however, they were being a bully or mistreating anyone for any reason, God save their butts because I wouldn’t allow mistreatment by anyone.

🤜🏻 Finally, have some class. The older I get (I’m closer to 60 than 50), the more tolerant I’ve become. I think it is a waste of time to belittle, tease, or criticize another person for simply being themselves. When I see that by others, I can’t help but look at the offender with disdain. They have no class.

The Woke Socialist Left WILL Ruin This Country If Given The Chance

I’m telling you if the woke socialist left is allowed to push these extreme agendas like “gender-affirming care”, climate-based disruption of our economy, the opening of our borders to illegal aliens (Along with the deadly drugs, potential terrorists, and criminals that follow them), social justice BS, and the other socialist ideologies that keep Americans scared and dependant, we won’t have a free country much longer.

Why do you think they want to remove guns and are trying to redefine the term “Patriot” as “right-wing” or “extremist”?

There’s a lot to unpack in that last statement and I’ll work on that in the coming days.

Until next time, refuse to live in their new norm.

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Partial featured image credit by Ernesto Eslava from Pixabay

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