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So-Called “Ghost Guns” Have Never Been The Problem – This Is Just Another Shot At Our Freedom

In this article I will offer a little commentary, along with the facts, as it pertains to so-called Ghost Guns and Biden’s assault on Freedom.

First, the name “Ghost Guns”. That’s a way of vilifying at-home gun kits or gun build projects that people and families have enjoyed for years. It’s no different from knife kits or building your own computer, other than government bullies feel a lack of control. Now 3D printing is getting in the way of government gun control as well and the hammer needs to come down hard.

We see the same exact tactic they pull by labeling family guns like the AR-15 an assault rifle. Sadly, the label and stigma seems to be working, even though the rifles are only common caliber semi-automatics no different from many hunting rifles.

These are propaganda campaigns designed to form the opinions of the sheep and take rights away from the masses. Guns are the number one threat in the government’s way when it comes to stripping away the people’s rights and moving us deeper into a worldwide agenda.

We have seen exactly that in Australia and, more recently, Canada. Two freedom-loving countries that seemed as close to Brother In Arms to the United States as any. They let the government take all the control by allowing their gun rights to be removed. By the way, it’s already illegal to use a gun kit or 3D print kit in both Canada and Australia. We cannot have an armed citizen if we’re going to control the bloke.

Homemade Guns Are Nothing New

Privately made firearms are nothing new, they’ve literally been a thing for over two-hundred years. What’s new is the government propaganda campaign labeling them as “Ghost Guns” created and used by notorious criminal elements and terrorists. Complete BS.

Before 1777, Joseph Belton designed the Belton “Repeating” flintlock in Pennsylvania. The Kentucky Long Rifle in the same time period was, “The birth of Americans crafting their own firearms.” History of Homemade Guns

Guns Need A Serial Number

Why? Do you think every gun with a serial number is traceable to the owner, much less the shooter? That’s ridiculous. I bet the federal government couldn’t create a list of privately owned guns of half the guns in the US with any kind of accuracy at all. This is just another attempt at weakening the Second Amendment while looking like they’re actually doing something meaningful.

It is already illegal to make a homemade gun with the intent of transferring it to another person, either for sale or to give away without serializing it. There is no family exemption to this law.

Do Crooks And Terrorists Make Their Own Guns?

Here’s the most frustrating part of this entire ghost gun debate because it stuffs common sense in the trash can at leaves it out on the curb.

“These [ghost] guns are weapons of choice for many criminals,”

Your Lying Azz President

For the most part, thieves, hitmen (I had to include them to make the topic more romantic), mafia leg breakers, terrorists, even local bad boys DO NOT need to set up shop in their basement, scour the internet for parts, and take the time to assemble and finish an inferior gun that, if not done incorrectly, might blow up in their face.

A few hundred dollars, which is less than building your own, and a reliable contact (found on almost every block) is all you need to buy an untraceable gun. Why? BECAUSE SERIAL NUMBERS DON’T MATTER WHEN THE WEAPON WAS OBTAINED ILLEGALLY.

Guess who doesn’t give a flying kite about so-called “Ghost Gun” laws? Right, the bad guys. First, it’s not their weapon of choice, and more importantly, they’re not going to obey any law that gets in their way. That probably has something to do with them being bad boys. You think? Idiots. Biden is counting on the majority of the people to be idiots. He might be right.

Are Ghost Guns Ever Built To Avoid Government Registration?

Building a gun is mostly a project of passion. Something a dad might do with his son or a project someone might start because they love working with their hands but…

Of course law-abiding citizens make homemade guns, including the finishing of 80% lowers, so they don’t have to register their guns with the government. And for good reason – the government can’t be trusted. They lie to the American people, as well as to the entire world, as they steal and cheat their way into more power and wealth. Humm, I wonder why someone might want an unregistered firearm?

Gee Willy, they must be criminals if they don’t want the government to know they own a gun.

Interesting Article: Actually, Mr. President, You CAN Own a Cannon

Speaking of idiots.

What About The Ghost Gun Stats?

According to The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), between 2016 and 2020, there were 89,000 illegally used guns used in homicides. Of those, only 325 unserialized firearms1 were used in homicides or attempted homicides.

But wait, there’s even more deception than that. How many of those “unserialized firearms” were merely weapons with the serial numbers ground off?

Statistics released by the government are about as reliable, or believable, as Biden finding his own way off the stage.

Brian D. Hawkins

Wonder how accurate government statistics are? Well, is anything the government, especially the federal government, does reliable or accurate? Are they pretty good record keepers? Do I need to remind you of their reported COVID-19 deaths2? Or that some of these firearms’ statistics actually come from a survey of prison inmates3? Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, the government does or says is agenda driven and your well-being, my friends, is not the agenda.

Wrapping Up My Commentary On Ghost Guns

We have people coming over for dinner tonight, so I need to keep this article short so I’ll leave it here and just finish up by reminding you that whenever the government adds a restriction or tightens control on anything, it’s ALWAYS in their best interest and the truth is generally pretty easy to find.

God Bless and Happy Easter, Brian

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Image credits: Gerd Altmann plus Grandmadez & Sudheendra

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