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Gun Control: A Letter To The Anti-Gun Advocate

Last updated on September 5, 2022

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Don’t carry? Don’t want others to carry?

Preface: What this letter is and is not. This is a short letter for those that believe more gun control is the answer to a safer America. This is MY opinion and MY letter as an honest American, Father, Grandfather, Veteran, and tax-paying homeowner.

Side Note
In the interest of keeping this super short and easy to understand, I decided not to talk about the Second Amendment, Our Constitution or the outright lies that are fabricated and packaged as statistics by the anti-gun / gun control crowd.

In the interest of keeping this super short and easy to understand, I decided not to talk about the Second Amendment, Our Constitution or the outright lies that are fabricated and packaged as statistics by the anti-gun / gun control crowd.

I didn’t mention that “assault rifles” is a term used to scare the ignorant and has nothing to do with America’s most popular rifle, the AR-15. Or that semi-auto IS NOT a machine gun or M-16 military rifle. A semi-automatic fires one shot every time the trigger is pulled – just like Colt’s six-shooter back in freakin’ 1836. (No, I’m not saying a revolver is a semi-auto – calm your ass down snowflake.)

I don’t even bring up the fact that most gun control advocates enjoy a life of freedom without having made a single sacrifice for it as they try to rip it from the hands of true patriots.

I won’t bring any of that up.

This is just a quick little scenario that hopefully gets people thinking logically when the topic of more gun control comes up every three seconds in the media.

Sooo, picture this buttercup…

You’re shopping with your better half. You found a short line near the entrance so you must not be at Walmart.

As you are inserting your card you hear loud bangs and a lot of screams. People are running, falling, screaming. It’s complete chaos. Everyone’s in a terrified panic.

Suddenly, you see the active shooter. He’s emptying another magazine off to his right. He doesn’t see you even though he’s not 50 feet away.

You turn and grab your partner and drop behind the register counter. It’s so crazy. Your ears are ringing and you can smell the spent gun powder. With all the commotion you can’t tell if it’s over. Is he still shooting?

Just as you start to rise for a quick look you see a figure stop right in front of you. It takes every bit of your strength to look up. You’re both starring straight into the wrong end of a rifle.

Why isn’t anyone stopping him?

Your last thoughts are, “Why isn’t anyone stopping him“?

See, you had the chance to stop this maniac and save lives, including your own. Had you only been armed and trained.

“The best lightning rod for your protection is your own spine.”

― Ralph Waldo Emerson

Had anyone else been armed and had that same chance that you squandered things might have ended differently.

But you, and all your wisdom, I mean fear, think the police will be there. You think “Gun Control” is the answer.

They’ll help. Sure they will. Maybe they’ll kill the killer and take eyewitness statements from those that helplessly watched you and yours be slain.

Wait, you say, “This can’t happen. We have gun control – We made those scary guns illegal and they’re not supposed to shoot that many rounds without reloading. And we strengthened background checks and are trying to restrict concealed carry“.

Oh, you’re right, my bad.

Of course, the bad guys are obeying the gun laws. Don’t they always?

Good thing you are hard at work supporting gun control.

In 1939, Germany established gun control. From 1939 to 1945, six million Jews and seven million others unable to defend themselves were exterminated.

― Joe Wurzelbacher

Brian ~ That’s Right, I Said It

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