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Happy Thanksgiving 🦃 2021 From brianDhawkins

Last updated on September 5, 2022

As I sat among a ton (Literally over a ton LOL) of our family, stuffed full of good food and loud noise, I thought to myself…

Self, I’m thankful for living in the greatest time possible. Sure, we’re in the middle of a pandemic, economic crises, political strife, social media takeover and supply chain disruptions, but it ain’t been boring.

As an American in his fifties, I’ve been able to experience technology ranging from an under-dash 8-track tape player in my 1972 Firebird to Blockchain, from the first pocket calculator to cell phones that can manage almost every aspect of our lives. From the transistor radio to an almost unlimited supply of streaming music on demand. From three TV channels on our VHF black and white to hundreds of choices with the click of a button. There’s still nothing to watch but, hey, there are always re-runs.

I’ve been able to witness so much, and I’m thankful to have a close family to look back on things and to look forward to more.

Enjoy this classic that I was fortunate enough to watch as a young teenager the very first time it aired in 1978. WKRP in Cincinnati was one of my favorate shows.

Happy Thanksgiving, Brian

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Brian D. Hawkins is a late-blooming thought leader in his mind. So please don't disturb his happy thoughts. It's all he has.

Brian D. Hawkins has been a blogger for over twenty years, having written thousands of public articles on dozens of websites. He currently blogs for and his personal blog at

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