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I Hope Evernote Gets Its ? Together

As much as I love Evernote, and have all but become reliant on, I think we have to bear in mind that this is a product with a shelf life. Yep, just like every other product on the planet, Evernote won’t last forever.

This may be uninteresting babble I shouldn’t have wasted my time on and you should probably ignore. You’ve been warned. 😉

Lame disclosure: To be clear, I’m just a blogger with an opinion with zero inside information. I could just as easily be talking through my body’s lowest, dirty little orifice so please take it for what it is – just an opinion. I’m just sayin’,

I hope Evernote isn’t going to disappear or the core product turn to junk because another startup can’t get its act together.

Will Evernote outlast us and our blogs? Great question, but who know? Unfortunately, there have been some recent signs that the company is having some internal struggles that some fear could ultimately destroy it.

In the past, we’ve seen Evernote experience some growing pains such as a large security breach in ’13, (DoS) attacks in ’14, and layoffs in ’15.

Most recently, we’ve seen Evernote abandon some of its very popular standalone apps, such as Clearly and Skitch (except Skitch for Mac).

Long time Evernote CEO Phil Libin was recently replaced by Chris O’Neill , as well as other executive changes. Chris O’Neill spent ten years at Google before taking on the top spot at Evernote.

Normally that Googally past would seem like a great endorsement but, personally, I have to wonder if that’s what caused Evernote to abandon those popular standalone apps I just mentioned. Who has put out more tools for people to become reliant on just to abandon the product (and the users) more than Google?

To be fair, Mr. Libin has addressed criticism that the core product has been suffering from neglect at the expense of creating new apps and other misguided growth. This is very likely a major reason we’re seeing Evernote distant itself from past projects, even though this was before Chris O’Neill took over as CEO.

Even though I’m putting my concerns out there, I do still hold onto a lot of optimism knowing many smart people are dedicated to keeping the company as successful as possible. Let’s just hope it’s not too late for Evernote.

Oh, I even put a nice post together today on Hot Blog Tips about Using Evernote For Interviews. Check it out. See ya, Brian 🙂

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