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How To Support And Follow The US Trucker Freedom Convoys

Last updated on September 5, 2022

We know how little we can count on mainstream media, so I wanted to find a few reliable resources we could use to follow the US freedom convoys and the news around them as they approach Washington DC.

There are a number of convoys, rallies, and protests and I will update this page as more information becomes available. Some grow, some die out, and we’ll have to see how effective they become. I’ll post as many trucker Freedom convoy resources as I can over the next several days below.

Note: I have a lot of commentary to share about our treatment of Freedom-loving patriots, but I want to keep this article as an informative resource for people that want to follow the progress of the People’s Convoy, the American Trucker’s Freedom convoy, and the surrounding news. I may post an op-ed later on. I did and here it is: My Take On The Bob Bolus Convoy Media Coverage – Opinion

Follow The People’s Convoy Progress

The People’s Convoy Website: The most reliable place to follow the Freedom Convoy is probably The People’s Convoy website, provided some authoritarian-supporting fascist big-tech monster doesn’t shut it down. I fully expect their Facebook page to be taken down at some point (Because too many of us put up with their tactics).

The People’s Convoy, led by Mike Landis, and inspired by Canada’s Freedom Convoy, has raised nearly $1 million in donations as the convoy grows by the day and public support becomes more and more apparent.

On the People’s Convoy website you’ll find details on what the convoy is about, daily location updates, ways to support the cause, how to register as a participant, and even a way to sign the Trucker’s Declaration.

Wendi S. Mahoney of UncoverDC embedded with the Peoples Convoy Rally and Kickoff!

Follow The People’s Convoy on:
Gettr | Gab | Telegram | Facebook | Instagram

The American Truckers’ Freedom Convoy

The American Truckers’ Freedom Convoy is organized by The Great American Patriot Party, a 527 Political Action Committee (PAC).

On the American Truckers’ Freedom Convoy website, you can
contribute, join a convoy, apply for assistance, and volunteer. You can also find further information, contact information, and convoy routes.

Freedom convoys are peaceful, non-violent, demonstrations by those who wish to express their constitutional rights. All registered convoy participants are required to accept the terms & conditions set by the event planners as well as acknowledge a participant code of conduct.

Follow The American Trucker’s Freedom Convoy On
Twitter | Instagram

The Pennsylvania Truck Convoy

The Pennsylvania Truck Convoy – Led by Bob Bolus, left Scranton on its way to Washington DC and that particular convoy has apparently packed up and gone home already.

I’ll definitely have an op-ed on the press this convoy has gotten. I’ll come back and drop a link here as soon as I post that commentary article. It’s up and here it is.

Note On Giving Support The Freedom Convoys

Image - Adolf Biden
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I hate to even have to add this note, as far as support, but it’s just the world we live in today. Should you decide to support any of the freedom convoys, just as happened in Canada, there may be individual attacks on honest, caring citizens by the thugs of the Biden Administration.

In Canada, the Communist Canadian Department of Finance said that as many as 210 accounts containing $7.8 million were affected [accounts frozen]. This is from Trudeau’s abuse of the Emergencies Act powers, which was supposedly withdrawn, but it looks like some accounts remain seized.

So, if you do decide to donate to this cause of Freedom, and I hope you will, please be aware of the potential for legal action by the government. Personally, I would avoid publically donating and use an anonymous method and account if possible.

For example, I (heard) some stranger (I can’t remember who or where) one time say that if he wanted to give hard-to-trace money, even though it was perfectly legal to do so, he might buy a pre-paid VISA WITH CASH and send the card number, exp date, and Card Security Code (CSC) or Card Verification Value (CVV) to the recipient.

Another way of supporting the cause might be sharing the news and progress of the convoys, expressing your support, and encouraging others to stand up and do the same.

As you can see, I’m doing that on my own, public blog in my own name. I ain’t scared!

Mainstream Media

For the most part, we see a bunch of lies and half-truths from the mainstream media, when they even bother covering anything. Just recently, we watched the mainstream media attack Joe Rogan, conduct a media blackout of the Canadian Freedom convoy, and are already calling the peaceful, Freedom-loving patriots right-wing extremists.

Curated Links To Freedom And Protest Convoy News & Articles

Stay tuned, more to come.

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