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The Hunter Biden Investigation – Is Dad’s Legacy Threatened By A Briefcase?

Last updated on September 5, 2022

You Couldn’t Make A Movie This Corrupt

Everyone would say it is too unbelievable.

Listen to this article:

Just a little commentary, along with a curated video on the DC corruption and the Hunter Biden Investigation.

Is it me or, regardless of who’s in office, the Washington DC S-show makes Hollyweird almost look normal? Seriously, scandal after scandal. It’s like watching a poorly written spy show where no one ever gets caught unless that was part of the plan and no one pays for anything. And no one is innocent, not even the so-called “good guys.”

Would you watch a show like that?

And the star is so far gone he doesn’t know where he is or who he’s talking to at any given time?

On that note, one has to wonder if the star isn’t being written off the show. Like I said, “no one ever gets caught unless that was part of the plan” but now I wonder if the plan is for the captain to go down with the ship.

Well, at least we have The January 6 hearings. 🤣

That’s like the FBI watching a street vendor sell hotdogs as a masked man holding a gun runs into the bank they’re standing in front of. They scream, “Hey, drop that hotdog” as they tackle him to the ground. “Do you have a license to sell those coneys?” Hey Frank, did you hear gunshots?” Neya, don’t worry about it. Probably someone’s car backfiring.”

Is our FBI and Justice Department that inept? At this point, I actually hope they’re just a bunch of corrupt crooks and not the incompetent baphoons they seem. I mean, after all, someone with an IQ over idiot should be looking over our country.

Yes, I’m afraid we’re back onto the case of the briefcase. Hunter Biden, speaking of baphoons, can’t seem to care enough to even wipe the coke from his face if he were heading to church. Does this moron WANT his dad, I mean ‘The Big Guy’ to go down with him? It sure seems like it. At the very least, he doesn’t care one way or the other.

And that’s just sad. I mean really really sad for poor old Joe because being a cash cow to his boy is the one thing he’s actually good at.

“​I have no faith in ​[FBI Director] ​Christopher Wray of conducting this investigation, but it’s important that the American public understand the FBI had Hunter Biden’s laptop in December of 2019​,1

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wisc.)

One thing is for certain, on top of continuous lies to the public, backed up by the media, overlooked by the law, the Biden administration lends a whole new meaning to the untouchables. Al Capone didn’t have a thing on these folks.

Watching America collapse, as sad as it is, ain’t boring.

Later, Brian

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The Hunter Biden Investigation
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