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Illegal Immigrants Or Undocumented Immigrants? Something To Ponder

Last updated on September 5, 2022

Are they illegal immigrants or undocumented immigrants? That’s a telling question, isn’t it? Because, depending on your answer, you’ve exposed your overall feeling toward the issue.

Something To Ponder

Illegal immigrants have broken the law and are, essentially, criminals.

Undocumented immigrants are people that were born into a horrible situation and are doing what they can to find a better lifestyle for themselves and their families.

Which definition fits your views?

So, did I take the gold chain from Walmart because I was a thief or because I was desperate? Did I steal a loaf of bread from the grocery store because I’m a thief or because I’d do anything to feed my kids?

Is there a difference?
Do degree and reason matter?

Again, your answer is telling. I mean your REAL answer. Not the answer you give or even tell yourself because you want to make a point or feel there’s reason and truth behind your answer, whatever it may be.

The answers seem to be split right down the middle, and that’s by design, I believe. In reality, and I could be wrong, I think we’re all a little closer to the middle than we’d care to admit. Reason and degree do matter for most of us. This is why we have juries of our peers. Everything isn’t in clear black and white, right and wrong – for most of us.

The problem is, unfortunately, the sheer numbers involved in our illegal border crossings don’t allow, with any degree of effectiveness, individual evaluation or treatment.

The second part of that problem is people, often gathered into like communities, either accept that reality or don’t. That’s more often than not reflected in what we call Red and Blue states.

The real problem is, that we are so concrete in our beliefs that we no longer budge when it comes to compromising. Our understanding, of one another’s views, are limited at best. It’s my way or the highway. To make it worse, that inability to compromise seems to grow with each new generation.

Guess who gets caught in the middle of this mess?

Again, Illegal Immigrants Or Undocumented Immigrants?

This is simply a thought exercise – not a lesson.

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