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Kristen González – Proud Little Socialist

It’s All Fun & Games Till You End Up With Another AOC 😤

This is what happens when socialism multiplies

Listen to this article:

Self-appointed socialist Kristen González, endorsed by hot mess Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, won the primary for the new State Senate District 59, representing some of western Queens, north Brooklyn and the east side of Manhattan (source). The 27-year-old actress is backed by the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA).

Like most socialist organizations, DSA believes in the abolition of capitalism in favor of an economy run either by “the workers” or the state — though the exact specifics of “abolishing capitalism” are fiercely debated by socialists.


Kristen Gonzalez is (or was?) a product manager for American Express, far from the socialist lifestyle she preaches. Today, González lives in a high-rise luxury building in Long Island City, where rent goes from $2,700/month, up to just under $6,400/month (source). She managed to cancel her history and lifestyle long enough to win the primary.

Sounds like an actress to me.

She will likely become another socialist Senator in New York. Unchecked, socialism spreads faster than the covid.

“Today we really proved that socialism wins, we are not going anywhere. We are not going anywhere and we will not stop until we see a socialist slate across this city”

Kristen González

Kristen González Is A Proud Little Socialist

On the local news network, Spectrum News NY1, Kristen González confirmed that she wasn’t only endorsed by Democratic Socialists of America, but she’s also part of that organization and proud of it.

I’m proud to be part of the Democratic Socialists of America

Kristen González
Baby vomit
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Excuse me while I vomit.

This Is What Happens When Stupid Multiplies

Kristen González says she was inspired by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, of whom she was also endorsed. This is what happens when you have stupid running rampant in government – you get baby idiots. At least on the surface. I have a feeling González is a little smarter than her protege and far more dangerous.

Watch out for this one, she looks like she’s wanting to do some damage to Freedom and Liberty.

See ya soon, Brian

Ask for two takeout boxes. I repeat, ask for two takeout boxes.

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