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My Letter To The New York Times – I Cancel You

Last updated on February 27, 2022

I’ve been a little irked about the mainstream news media’s blackout of Canada’s Freedom Convoy. There were reports, videos, and posts all over social media and our mainstream media kept their mouths shut.

They acted as if nothing was going on. And trust me, it was a big deal weeks before you saw a word printed on any of the main news outlets.

No matter, it’s not like we were ever able to trust them to begin with. They have their sides, they have their agenda, and they follow the narrative imposed by their rulers. Both left and right.

Well, the only rag I was paying for happened to be the New York Times. It was literally a dollar a week and I really did enjoy many of the editorials. That was before I realized that at least some of those editorials were curated from other sites where I could read them for free. Who’d a thunk?

So, as any rational grown-up, I decided to stop feeding the beast – just like I did with Facebook. I decided to keep my four bucks a month and buy some tree seeds and plant a forest. Not really but that’s a great idea.

Anyway, their (NY Times) website wouldn’t let me cancel my paid subscription with an explanation. It worked fine with a blank complaint, but I wanted to complain.

Image - New Your Times Cancellation Form
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I know no one cares, and it means nothing, but I still wanted to. So, since I have a blog and the power to use it, I’m posting my letter to the New York Times right here – right now.

By the way, the letter is super short because the NY Times limits the number of words you can send in your cancellation request. I had to keep editing it down until it was an acceptably regulated 400 characters or less.

My Letter To The New York Times – AKA, Cancellation Form

Please tell us why you’d like to cancel your Basic Digital Access subscription.

I have concerns about the coverage.

Is there more you’d like to tell us? We’ll use your feedback to improve.

I want something a little less partisan. That trucker convoy went on for weeks before they arrived in Ottawa and there wasn't so much as a peep from here. There are hundreds of online videos contradicting the Canadian government's narrative, yet - nothing. I'd rather read just about any fourteen-year-old's blog as long as it were honest than rely on the regurgitated trash you curated.

There. Now I feel better.

Goodbye. Brian.

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