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Look At The Mainstream Media Going After Joe Rogan. Videos

The theme of these recommended videos today is…

Joe Rogan And The Has-Beens That Fear Him

When Your Reach And Influence Dwarfs Mainstream Media

So there’s a lot of stuff going around about the open letter started and signed by a bunch of pawns and shills of the mainstream media and the Fauci government, seated high up on their high horses when they apparently decided that the fearmongering and vaccine rhetoric was at risk. It was plastered all over the mainstream media by disgusting rags like Rolling Stone and Huffington Post.

While watching Rumble and avoiding work (Remember when that was the YouTube rabbit hole? Before we all knew YouTube sucked?), I felt the urge to share a few of the better videos right here on my personal blog – for both of you that visit on occasion. LOL

First, I really enjoyed watching Russell Brand going on and on about mainstream media and corporate scum (my description) trying to cancel Joe Rogan.

First, I Have To Say Something About Russell Brand

I didn’t realize Russell Brand was that smart or that funny. He always seemed like that guy waiting in line for his organic fancy pantcy espresso carm-a-brulée latte with a drop of freshly-squeezed duck milk topped with a little toasted soy and hand-dipped cream blend for a mere $17.83 and served in an edible cup made from recycled used maxi pads.

Look at me stereotyping because of his pretty hair, tiny physique, and whiny voice. I was wrong. Dude’s entertaining, very smart, and on the right side of liberty. I apologize for my silent but judgmental, nonetheless, thoughts before. I especially apologize for making those past judgments public here, right now. 😱 I’m glad you now have a podcast

So… Will Mainstream Media LIES Cancel Joe Rogan?

Next, we have a short clip of Joe Rogan answering the attacks on him and his plan of action, which I love…

I could just do exactly what I wanna do and do exactly what got me here in the first place. So thats what I do. ~ @joerogan

Joe Rogan Absolutely Shreds Mainstream Media, Exposes Their Obsession With Him

Next, we have a little input from Tim Cast.

Anti-Joe Rogan List EXPLODES To Over 1,000 Medical Experts, They’re Desperate To Shut Down Rogan

I’ll be back soon, spreading truth, liberty, and entertainment. Brian

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