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A Map Of All 2,446 Tornado Warnings Issued In 2021 – And The Storm Chaser That Made It

Well, I guess it’s official, I’ll pretty much blog about anything these days. Even Tornado Warnings. 🌪️

Today I’m going to share a Tweet with an interesting map of all the tornado warnings in the United States last year, even though Twitter is evil.

I also want to feature the Storm Chaser that made the map and I just started following. His tweets are way more interesting than which politician just lied five minutes ago.

I actually found this on Reddit but since everyone’s probably not on Reddit, I’m posting it here as well. At least Twitter has that going for it, bloggers can at least still embed a tweet. Stupid Instagram.

The Storm Chaser That Made The Tornado Warning Map

The storm chaser that posted the following tweet looks like an account worth following if you’re interested in storms and weather-related events. He’s posted 12.8K tweets in the seven years his account has been active, so he posts often. He’s Peter Forister @forecaster25 and his content looks interesting to me.

It looks like Peter is a very good photographer too. Check out his photos on Darkroom.

What Are We Looking At In This Tweet? Tornado Warnings Of 2021

It’s all 2,446 tornado warnings issued in 2021. I’m amazed anyone took the time to make this map but after seeing it, this guy needs an award.

It’s very cool and gives us a lot of perspective, not only on the sheer number of warnings but the geological areas they occur. I haven’t given it a lot of thought, but I hadn’t realized tornados weren’t really much of a concern for those living out west. Actually, maybe they need some with all those forest fires. Oh, BTW, no tornado warnings were issued in Alaska or Hawaii.

One last thing to note. Someone mentioned the bald spot around the Appalachians where no warnings were issued. I guess tornadoes don’t like higher elevations. Good to know.

Anyway, here is the map:

See ya, Brian

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