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Marina Sirtis Leaves Twitter (Star Trek: Next Gen – Deana Troi) Among Other Woke Liberals

In the wake of Elon Musk buying Twitter, woke leftist Marina Sirtis takes offense and leaves the social site.

Image - Marina Sirtis Leaves Twitter Tweet
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A lot of leftists, victims, and woke socialists will leave. Most will come back. Others will say they’re leaving but won’t be able to force themselves to delete an account with hundreds of thousands, or even millions of followers. No matter how many bots and fake accounts that represents.

Why should they stay if anyone can post to Twitter and get their tweets seen? What happened to left-leaning elitist priorities? The entire platform is ruined now that Freedom of Speech is going to be instituted.

Former Vermont Gov. Blue-Check Howard Dean said he’s leaving but his account is still live as of this article. Humm. (Screenshot should he actually get out of Twitterville)

They’re offended at the idea regular folk will be able to speak their minds unfiltered and unregulated.

This is Us producer, Blue check Ken Olin? Same. Gone but still here. Oy vey (Screenshot)

Hateful, ultra-woke, pro-fetus-killing, gay activist Amy Siskind, on the other hand, decided to stay and hate. I mean fight. (Screenshot)

Amy Siskind, whoever that is, apparently doesn’t have the nerve to delete an account with half a million bots. I mean followers. That would be quite the blow to her prideful rainbow-colored ego, doncha know.

She seems on a quest to get herself canceled on Twitter by using the platform to trash-talk Elon Musk and Twitter. That would at least give reason and blame for her to victimate about. She can then choose to use the action as bragging rights or victimhood. I’m guessing the latter because her tweets already have that crybaby victimhood vibe.

There’s More But What’s The Point

There are a ton of butt-hurt celebs that are leaving or said they’d leave but haven’t. Who cares. Stay. Leave. A bunch of crybabies that can’t stand the idea that others could possibly get away with opposing thoughts and, God forbid, post without censorship or shadowbanning.

Get over yourselves. Especially you Marina Sirtis. You already left the States because you can’t take it anymore. Take your nasty tweets and stay on your side of the pond. Good riddance!


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There’s a bottleneck in the blue river.
I repeat, there’s a bottleneck in the blue river.

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