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The Moon Landing Hoax. The Pods Conspiracy Theory.

The following is an anonymous guest post about the moon hox conspiracy theory. I’m not sure how much of this ‘theory‘ the author believes if any, but it’s an interesting topic. It would make for an interesting discussion or debate if you’re up to it. Simply post your comment below and we’ll see how far it goes. On with the show Jeeves.

A ponytailed professor in CA supposedly had the internet ‘keys’ for 30 years as of 1998.

In 1998 it was taken over by Icann.
The US is in control of Icann.
How do we have the internet?

How about this conspiracy theory:

The Moon Landing Was A Hoax

We cannot send anyone past the magnetic barrier that surrounds the inside of Earth’s atmosphere which also helps the rotation of the sun, moon, and Earth.

But the US realized, as air exploration became bigger and better, that the electromagnetic field that contains our planet can be used by specifically engineered pod-type crafts, placed either on the magnetic field or near it, to do a vast amount of communication, spying on other countries, and used to study the Earth as well.

These pods were created through extensive programs that were compartmentalized and were a part of a secret program created beginning not too long after our first airplanes were created.

The first ufo sightings were pods the US created to latch onto the electronic magnetic field. This is why most alien landings have been reported in the US, and we’ve observed the most by civilians from the early 1900s to around the 1980s.

The reason that the US cannot release the pod information, which began to take off in the 50s, after extensive research stemming from Hitler and the aeronautics engineers he forced into work.
In fact, we could say that Hitler had an idea of what was in our skies, and knew that to own that would be to own the world.

For example: if Germany had been able to place pods on the electromagnetic field, they could create the information network that the US claims no one owns but that we control.
So Hitler used the Jews and the war in 2 separate bids for power:

  1. He used it as a decoy to upset the production and research in other countries that focused on any part of aeronautics and the sky.
  2. He used the Jews as slave labor in compartmentalized camps to build the parts necessary for the rockets he thought he needed for what he knew could be a huge flex in the skies while using his influence and power on higher-level scientists and forcing them to create that which they thought were long reaching rocket bombs (and of course, they were that also) but were intended to somehow use the magnetic field that we knew reached around the Earth to create a system to control the world.

When the US intervened, we brought the scientists and rocket builders to America, where we housed them and started to create a foundation for NASA.

Yes, we did want to go into space, but it’s impossible. We know no more about space from above the clouds than what we can see from the ground. We did know that we could utilize that field though and started to attach our crafts to it.

All Of The Moon Landings Are A US Defense Cover

It created the physical proof that we could do something we said we could and deterred the US and the other countries away from further exploration for enough time for us to create a pod system that started the communications setup that we now employ and depend on for our daily life, and almost all countries do as we

We created a subterfuge that the pods were alien aircraft as we tested them, which is why we haven’t seen any in recent years.

Area 51 was used for research and evaluation of the pods and how we could be on a pod on the electromagnetic field so we could study Earth from there and so that we would have people up there to fix problems etc. But we cannot sustain human life in a pod in the electromagnetic field, and all studies proved that.

Nasa couldn’t continue if it was killing its scientists and astronauts, and it couldn’t release the data concerning the field because it would give access to other countries, and having control of pods on these fields is the only way to control the internet, as all our information comes from the pods and the electromagnetic field allows the pods to transmit around the Earth.

So they created the moon landing for funding their other projects, which is why it fizzled out. Money was never an issue for NASA, if they could land on the moon once many billionaires around the world would contribute if they could go.

We pretended that money was the issue and started to re-compartmentalize according to our defense department, and NASA unofficially became our biggest defense asset.

If another country were to use our technology, they could create an offense system that could blackout the entire world if they wanted, or use pods as weapons in the areas they needed.

Now, with that said, the last 50 years are also when we started to notice huge climate changes. We know this is actually because of the pods.

Having them use the electromagnetic field creates several issues around the globe. The heat it deploys is being cooled in certain areas that the pods are connected to, and thus creates other areas to heat existentially.

Areas, where people don’t live, are hit the worst because we don’t put pods there because it’s a waste of resources, and the heat redirects to areas that don’t have pods. This is why we have melting glaciers.

All pictures of the earth, the moon landings, Mars, and space are based upon telescopic evidence and the pods we have can create protective shields that show everything the way the US described.

The pandemic was created because China started a program of its own to create the technology to find the pods that the US has and destroy them or take them over.

The pandemic was used for 2 separate reasons:

  1. To create chaos in the Chinese government and to distract them from the pods.
  2. To clear the airways so that we could put hidden pods in places we didn’t have access to before.

Not That Anonymous – The MASTER of conspiracy theories

Featured Image Credits: Bokskapet from Pixabay, Iyere, and Kayi.

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I'm actually a real person but I'm not sure I want to come out of the blogger closet just yet. Give me some time to sort things out.

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  1. Stevey H Stevey H

    Anyone who says that we didn’t go to the moon is an idiot who has no brain cells left. Yes, we did go to the moon, no doubt in my mind. Why? Everyone saw the astronauts board the spaceship, they saw the rocket launch, and they saw it splash down. Outside of that, did anyone think of this little factoid? It would be easier to go to the moon than to cover it up. We are talking tens of thousands of documents that have been released into the public, thousands of people worked on the Apollo missions and it has been proven that people can’t keep secrets once it gets past a handful of people if that. All of the main arguments as to why we didn’t go to the moon have been debunked time and time again. Nvidia were able to prove we went based off their most advanced GPU that was able to simulate the photos. People will believe what they want regardless of what evidence is put out there, but the evidence shows we went to the moon and tens of thousands of people were involved with those missions.

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