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The National Security State Editing Hollywood

In this article, I run my commentary on the National Security State editing Hollywood using a documentary promo video to get the point across. This is not an endorsement of the film, as I haven’t yet watched it.

This should come as no surprise, but did you know that one of the requirements for a movie to access U.S. government equipment is that the script must be handed over to the National Security State? These scripts are often (thousands, and thousands, and thousands of products) edited/rewritten by the National Security State.

This short video is the trailer promoting the full documentary. Still, I believe it gives enough to help us remember BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU (1984), but they’re also doing their part to guide your opinion and thought ever so gently.

National Security State Editing Hollywood Commentary

For most of us, this is no surprise. In fact, I’d be surprised if the State wasn’t forming public opinion and pushing narratives using Hollywood and filmmakers.

For decades we’ve known, but didn’t always understand why, that the mainstream media were, as still is, faithful to left or right agendas. They toe the line religiously without allowing facts, rights, or ethics to get in the way. This is true for both left-leaning and right-leaning media.

More recently, we know social media membership websites have been doing the same, only they’re MUCH better at it. We knew, or thought, the data being collected was limited to information used in advertising to sell us stuff.

With the Twitter files released by Musk, we have a much better understanding of to what extent the National Security State is willing to go to rule with a well-informed fist as it tramples on the most basic human right, Freedom of Speech.

The privacy and First Amendment violations by the State go deep and unpunished. That will continue regardless of who you vote into office. That’s guaranteed.

Solutions to the National Security State In Hollywood And Elsewhere

Solutions for something as big as the National Security State editing Hollywood, mainstream media, social media, and the entire access to information (Google/YouTube/Wikipedia) are limited to our personal lives and what little we can do to ignore the propaganda and reduce our contribution of personal information.

Many idiots have that myth of “I have nothing to hide” engrained into their fragile mentality. Don’t be that idiot. EVERYONE wants their privacy to one degree or another. If nothing else, the lack of privacy puts people into a filter bubble. It makes you susceptible to government and social programming. Again, don’t be an idiot.

Before I go into the very limited amount of things a person can do while maintaining a functional life in modern-day Oceania, I want to clarify two things.

  1. First, even though we have a very high level of government intrusion, from censorship to blatant cancelation of opposing thought leaders, we don’t quite have a version of The Ministry of Truth. The thought police aren’t yet ‘disappearing’ and erasing the existence of those committing thought crimes. I want to be careful not to go off half-cocked and exaggerate every crime against the people. We’d be here 24/7, and I’m no Alex Jones.
  2. Second, short of moving deep into the Alaskan wilderness, there’s no escaping every byte of privacy stolen from you daily. The most we can hope for is understanding that we are being robbed of our privacy and prioritizing what’s too important to expose. We must find a balance between what we give of our private lives and what we gain from that humiliation.

Finding Your ‘Privacy Exposure’ Ballance

How vital is TicToc in your life? Would your life drastically change for the worse if you removed the app from your phone? Are you willing to give the Chinese government access to your personal data in exchange for those tiny dopamine hits?

I can’t in good conscience allow the U.S. government to destroy privacy, internet freedom and basic liberties for people around the world with this massive surveillance machine they’re secretly building.

Edward Snowden

Someday simply quoting Edward Snowden may be considered hate speak. Here come the thought police.

Social Media Stealing Your Private Data For The Highest Bidder

What about Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and the rest? Can you live without those in your life? Now that it’s an absolute fact that the United States Government has access to those firehose of personal information are the conveniences still with the exchange of your privacy?

We now have confirmation that it’s not just about advertising anymore. It never was just about targeted ads and personalized content. It’s about spoon-feeding the correct information to curve thought and opinion. It’s about squashing voice and verbal/written opinion that dare go against the narrative. It can even mean destroying the reputation of good people by redefining science and truth. Sounds like science fiction and conspiracy theory, but it’s here, folks. It’s here, it’s real, and it’s growing fast.

Back To The National Security State And Hollywood

First, I began this article on the National Security State editing Hollywood. I’ll circle back around to that for a moment. We can’t stop filmmakers from allowing the State to rewrite their scripts in exchange for military equipment and gear access.

We can, however, understand the underlying and often hidden message is being manipulated by big brother. When you felt like jumping into the ring after watching Rocky for the first time, that was theater learning to ❛bring you into the moment❜ type of manipulation. When you watched that war movie that wanted you to fly our colors, loud and proud, in your front yard, was that your idea or government agenda?

Ok, that was weak. I’ll admit that. Let’s go with this; almost every war media solidified your support for the American agenda and made us hate the enemy. We were the heroes, and they were the dirtbags committing war crimes. When have you seen a Bradley Fighting Vehicle or an aircraft carrier in a movie showing how severe American war crimes are?

Knowing this little fact can help reduce the amount of government propaganda you ingest with each action movie you enjoy.

I won’t even go into public education here, but you already know that’s where this all begins.

A World Of Information At Your Fingertips – Under The State’s Thumb

Remember the information superhighway? Not only would we be able to talk with others anywhere in the world, in real-time, but we would also eventually gain instant access to libraries of information. One day we will be able to buy things from the computer.

Few understood how fast and powerful the online world would be. Star Trek nailed it with their Communicators, Replicators, and video conversations with their computers. Few others foresaw the future of cell phones, 3D printers, and Zoom meetings.

It’s FAR more powerful today than anyone could have imagined and only grows daily. Google is the master of information. Can you trust Google, or are they in bed with the government and dedicated to the agenda? If you’re a creator on YouTube, you’re well aware of the true answer.

Not even Wikipedia is safe from government influence. In fact, Wikipedia is one of the most prominent deniers of truth and research than any other player. Strange since that seems to be the very business they are in.


Amazon: The World Of Convenience – At A Great Price

Another culprit spying on our liberty also happens to be another one of the largest companies in the World – Amazon. This is another instance where we were led to believe we were exchanging search and buying habits for that data to provide us with personalized recommendations and advertising.

Aww, the bliss of ignorance. No more. When you’re discussing changing the drapes in your home and, before you do a single online search, Amazon ads for drapes appear on unrelated websites across the net, that’s beyond a little creepy. And it happens far too often to be a coincidence. I wonder if it could have been the six Echo Dots, three Fire TVs, and the three Android phones with the Amazon app installed?

Let’s not forget the Ring doorbell and security cameras, both Ring and Blink, which Amazon owns. We allowed Amazon continuous access to every sight and sound in our home and paid hundreds of dollars for the equipment. Voluntarily. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

There are alternatives to the cameras that aren’t stored in some cloud for whomever to access. The apps don’t need to run on our phones, and the convenience of a Fire TV is no longer unique or more inexpensive.

What This Blogger Is Doing About Data Theft

This is the time of year when everyone looks back and wants to do better. Lose weight, eat better, read more, etc. I think personal reflection and improvement have a better chance of success.

For me, I want to free myself from some of the tracking technology. We’re being pushed by so many invisible forces it’s tough to know what thoughts are genuinely ours.

Did I really want a new carpet, or was that from all the ads? Do I really dislike a particular group or is that coming from what I’m reading and watching?

I’ve been getting rid of apps and devices. I even cut the cable. I still need to keep the news and blogging because the world relies on my opinion and wisdom. It’s a burden I must endure for the sake of humanity.

Conclusion To The National Security State Editing Hollywood

The collection and abuse of our privacy go far beyond the National Security State editing Hollywood. That’s just the one that’s been around the longest and has become overshadowed by the much larger intrusions by big tech and social media. Much like the mainstream media, we’ve had our eyes on other balls. The last couple of years has shown light on the truth. And the truth is frightening.

Do yourself a favor and opt-out wherever you can. The fewer lists you’re on, you’ll likely be better off.

Me? I’m out here using my real name and going against the grain so you can see through the smoke and mirrors.

See ya, Brian

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Video credit: Theaters of War on YouTube

From the video YT description:

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Available on Kanopy beginning May 24, 2022

If you’ve seen Top Gun or Transformers, you may have wondered: Does all of that military machinery on screen come with strings attached? Does the military actually get a crack at the script? With the release of a vast new trove of internal government documents, the answers have come into sharp focus: the US military has exercised editorial control over thousands of films and television programs. Propelled into a field trip across America, media professor Roger Stahl engages an array of other researchers, bewildered veterans, PR insiders, and industry producers willing to talk. In unsettling detail, he discovers how the military and CIA have pushed official narratives while systematically scrubbing scripts of war crimes, corruption, racism, sexual assault, coups, assassinations, and torture. From The Longest Day to Lone Survivor, Iron Man to Iron Chef, and James Bond to Jack Ryan, the deliberate creation of this other “cinematic universe” is one of the great PR coups of our time. As these activities gain new public scrutiny, new questions arise: How have they managed to fly under the radar for so long? And where do we go from here? Distributed by the Media Education Foundation (

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