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Here’s The BEST Way To Get The Latest News On Twitter

Last updated on September 3, 2020

I love Twitter for news. Every news organization and government is there and update their feeds continuously. I use a list for news and keep the main feed for the people I follow. You don’t have to follow an account to add it to a list.

Option One: Just Bookmark My Public News Page

No Twitter account required:

Option Two: Follow The List Via Your Twitter

If you want to follow/subscribe to the news list I created on Twitter, it is open to the public. That means you’re not following those accts but can see the tweets. This is not MY list, just a list I created on Twitter.

I don’t want anyone to think I’m trying to promote an email list or anything like that. Feel free to sub to it using your own Twitter account.

My Twitter News List Set-up

One more thing. I think I have all the major organizations, both World and the US but there are also some Michigan and Detroit accts as well.

I also don’t bother worrying about which political side any of the news outlets lean.

If that bothers you, it would be easy to see the accounts on my list, choose the ones you want to follow or add to your own list or create your own if you haven’t already. Just go to the list and click on the “Members” link.

Here’s How To Get The Twitter News List On Your Twitter App.

Simply click on the link below and hit “Subscribe“. You’ll need to be signed in to your Twitter account obviously. After that, you can get your news right from your Twitter app from the “Lists” column. Easy peasy.

Here’s My Public Twitter News List:

I hope that helps. I’ll embed some of the Twitter News List below so you can see what it actually looks like right from this post.

Stay safe, stay informed, Brian D. Hawkins

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