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News You Probably Missed Memorial Day Weekend 2022

Last updated on September 5, 2022

Listen to this article:

I got me a new feed reader and, WOW, is it loaded with a ton of content. I thought it might be fun to scroll through the 65+ feeds I have running so far (Oh, there will be more, you better believe that) and see what kind of news you probably missed Memorial Day Weekend from our mainstream newsquackery channels.

To be fair, maybe we were just too busy eating hotdogs and drinking beer to notice some of these news reports and articles. Either way, I have you covered. For the Memorial Day weekend anyway.

Presstitute: Either an individual reporter or news broadcaster, or a media news group, who reports to be unbiased, but is in fact tailoring their news to suite someone’s goal (usually corporations or big business political affiliates).

Here we go, how many of these “shocking, odd, or sharable headlines” did you miss because the “presstitutes” you follow decided you didn’t need to see any of them?

Curated Headlines With A Little Of My Commentary

Just Like the old days. No 1,800 words, no deep analysis, not even citations. Just headlines, links, and a little senseless commentary that no one reads.

  • Google To Ban Apps Containing “Misleading Health Claims That Contradict Existing Medical Consensus”: More of the same ol’ same ol’, I know, but this censorship by big tech has grown WAY beyond a nuisance. Just the biggest tech and social media sites have the ability and blatantly abuse this power, to guide thought and control narratives. They seem to love swaying things hard to the left while patting their own noble backs. Who gets to decide what constitutes misinformation? Who decides what is true or not? It’s rough but I bet you can come up with a few times over the last couple of years where people, companies, and institutions have been canceled over so-called misinformation that turned out to be absolute FACT! Masks? Vaccines? Alternative covid drugs and treatments? Highly respected medical professionals have been attacked over these holier-than-thou, self-appointed fact determiners.
  • Israel Orders Foreigners To Report Falling In Love With Palestinians: Are you banging a Palestinian? Do ya gotta little Palestinian poontang on the side? No visa for you. And just when you were thinking Israel was almost normal. Well, it is for current trends, unfortunately. Of course, the entire region has been a 💩 show forever. Hamas just executed five Palestinians in Gaza for murder and “collaborating” with Israel. I wonder what they’d do if they caught a Palestinian shacking up with an Israeli? Kill them twice? Here’s a little tidbit no one cares about; I lived in Israel for a short while. I actually liked the people of Israel, but just like here, the government ruins good people.
  • Game of Thrones’ Producer Loved ‘My Son Hunter’ But Says He Can’t Tell Colleagues Due to Hollywood Cancel Culture: Nothing shocking here. Of course, the liberal elite in Hollywierd will come down hard on anyone that dares to cross the left agenda. I have to say, I can’t wait to see it from what I see in the trailer. It’s not some boring documentary, it looks pretty funny. I have to bring up, however, why would the Game of Thrones’ Producer be unable to share his love for the movie, My Son Hunter, if he’s essentially just announced it to the entire world? I guess the article didn’t mention his name but the piece smells a little promotional if you ask me. I mean how hard could it be to determine this producer’s identity? I think it took me about three minutes and I couldn’t care less about any of those people.
  • Footballer in Witchcraft Blackmail Case as Belief in Magic Soars: Is anyone really shocked that witchcraft and casting spells are serious offenses in France? I mean, in a third-world country like France, where voodoo is likely as common as pooping in the streets, what do you expect? Alright, maybe not the third world but cowardly, for sure. Out of touch and sickening? 💯

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More News You Probably Missed Memorial Day Weekend 2022

Fake News Quote
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Jesus, Matthew 19:24, King James Bible
  • More Americans Rely On Food Banks Amid Record-high inflation: This article looks like a great place to conclude our News You Probably Missed piece. High food costs and shortages are too big and too serious for even the mainstream fascist media to ignore. I mean, they’ll ignore the Bidenflation that helped cause the problem but no one can ignore the struggles the entire world is now facing. With that said, to offer a potential solution, I invite you to check out my other site, Next Step Survival. If you’re not stocking up on food and supplies for the coming shortages, I recommend you start here ❝How To Start A Prepper Pantry – Updated w/ Video❞.

Shame On The Daily Beast

I want to highlight the disgusting clickbait nonsense article on The Daily Beast. Shame on you Daily Beast for allowing this worthless piece to disgrace your digital footprint. Shame on you Daily Beast for using these clickbait titles to lure unsuspecting headline readers, you know, the idiots, into going about their day believing your fake news.

Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld Confesses He Is ‘Pro-Disinformation’: It simply takes watching the video clip to understand that William Vaillancourt took a simple statement and tried to twist it into something entirely different. Isn’t there a name for such low-life deception? Oh, that’s right, out-of-context fake news bites. Apparently, that’s how low Mr. William Vaillancourt (I apologize, I’m not aware of this person’s preferred pronoun 😬) is willing to slither.

Greg Gutfeld used the language or term, “I am pro-disinformation because one man’s disinformation is another person’s fact, right?” to show his stance against censorship. Vaillancourt knows this, he even wrote as much in his piece of 💩, but allowed the headline to convey an entirely different story.

One might say, “Yeah but Brian, maybe the Daily Beast editors decided on the headline and Vaillancourt may not have played a role in the actual title.” To that, I call BS. This article is a total joke. Without the direct attack on Greg Gutfeld, there was no point in even bringing the statement up. It’s a political hit job based on some pathetic agenda and Greg Gutfeld, whom I don’t know or have an opinion of, deserves an apology – based on this article alone.

Extra, Extra, Read All About It

This is a little extra credit on my part since the article was published last week. It was just too good to pass up so I’m adding it anyway.

No More Sagging’ Campaign Offers Free Belts To High School Students With Sagging Pants: Ok, this is just hilarious. It also shows just how out of touch our schools can be. As if the reason behind seeing those behinds has anything to do with not being able to afford a belt. Oh, I get it. They’re mostly black so they must be underprivileged. Now it all makes sense. Idiots.

I Hope You Enjoy Your Holiday

I’ll leave News You Probably Missed right there, for now, we’re all busy, and too much news can kill the festive mood we strive for. Besides, I have to get back to canning, that’s the season for me.

I hope you enjoyed your weekend, Brian

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The weekend is in the grinder. I repeat. The weekend is in the grinder.

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