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Years Of Lies And You Still Trust The Media? Seriously?

In this article I’m going to point to a few examples of the mainstream media, often in support of the government agendas, has blatantly lied to us, were caught lying to us, and millions of people continue to watch, listen, believe what’s reported and still trust the media.

Since I’m just me, one man with a laptop and a voice (Who doesn’t still believe the media), I’m going to enlist, without asking, some of the people I follow and trust to help me get my point across.

That point it – You’re Being Lied To – Stop Listening. Period.

Look, when you know the media is taking sides, left, right, or business, why on earth would you give an ounce of weight to what they’re saying. Why would anyone still trust the media after being lied to at every turn? We wouldn’t believe our uncle or even our religious leaders if they lied to us as often as the media. We’re not talking weather reports here, this is on the level of life and death.

Confirmation Bias – Don’t Allow It To Control Your Thoughts

Confirmation bias is just one of the things I want to bring up and I don’t want to dig too deep into any single point here. I want to respect your time so if there’s anything I mention that you’d like to hear more about, perhaps we can take a deeper dive into that topic.

You know confirmation bias, right? Look at almost every moron on Facebook and see what groups, pages, and people they follow. Of course, they follow like-minded content that, in some form or fashion, conforms to their way of thinking. It ‘supports‘ their ideas and way of thinking.

I’m not a professional anything, and I’m certainly not a psychologist, but I imagine the more insecure one is, the more confirmation they might need. That doesn’t mean they sit and worry about rejection, far from it. I believe many people look for that confirmation to feel better about themselves and the way they view things.

The problem with confirmation bias is it doesn’t allow balanced growth of thought. You see only one side of an argument and lose the ability to understand an opposing viewpoint. That’s probably the biggest reason most social media sites have become such a cesspool.

By the way, all of this holds true for alternative social media and news sites. If you can offer an honest-to-goodness, unbiased news site, please let me know. I’ve been asking if anyone knows of such a place and I always get answers that support their way of thinking, and they just don’t get it.

Two weeks ago, a very nice elderly lady suggested I follow a particular news organization because it was religious-based. In her mind, religion equals trustworthiness. Sadly, that just isn’t true. It never was, if we’re being honest with ourselves.

Trying The Balance And Failing Miserably

Last week I wrote a letter to the New York Times explaining why I was canceling my subscription. One of my buddies said he couldn’t believe I would have ever read that garage, to begin with.

The reason, I explained, is that I don’t want to restrict what I see to only one side of any story. My issue with the NYT is that they are way too far to one side – not even trying to at least look unbiased.

One thing for certain, just as with all mainstream media, that includes Fox, I understand they’ve been lying, and I don’t believe a thing they say that I cannot verify.

Truthfully, if I weren’t on a continuous hunt for content for this blog, I wouldn’t read any of it. I already eliminated all TV and radio news years ago, short of traffic and weather.

That went longer than I wanted. I’ll try to be a little briefer.

Still Trust The Media?

Certainly, some of what the media says is true, right? So we should still trust the media sometimes, right? Umm, how do you know when they’re telling the truth?

Have We Been Lied To By The Media THAT Much Really?

Yes. At. Every. Turn. Not just covid either. Sure, the masks, distancing, injections, and lie after lie, all in the name of… don’t even think science. That was the biggest lie.

What about Trump? Yep, he lied and he was lied about. If you follow the left-wing media, they automatically apply stop terms like ‘unsubstantiated, false claims, or untrue‘ to their reporting of anything the man said. The Right-wing media leaned toward him being railroaded, but even support from the right waned pretty quickly.

The point is you couldn’t trust any of it, yet most people were absolutely adamant about their particular side. He’s a victim or an insurrectionist, depending on what you want to believe.

And that’s key too, isn’t it? What we want to believe plays a HUGE role in what news we follow, share, and support. Facts are often secondary, especially when it comes to feeling good or bad about something or someone. The divide has grown immense!

Let’s not forget about the Canadian Freedom Convoy. There was an effective media blackout for the first few weeks of the convoy and protests. In fact, there was little mention of it until the truckers made it to Ottawa and began to disrupt things to the point they couldn’t just be ignored. Unlike the American conveys going on just last week. How much of that did you see on the news? Still trust the media?

We can go way back to 9/11 or as recent as the Russian Ukraine invasion. We simply don’t know what to think because fats are cherry-picked, information that goes against the narrative is withheld, and honestly, there’s little actual media investigation anymore.

Going long again, so I’ll just drop in a couple of videos and move on.

Video: Ron Paul Liberty Report – Americans Have Good Anti-War Instincts, But War Propagandists Always Work To Grind Them Away

Video: The Future of Censorship by James Corbett of The Corbett Report

What Are Some Of The Solutions To These Attacks On Our Liberty?

I’d like to offer, or at least start a conversation on solutions, not just problems. We can all sit around and complain all day long, you see enough of that on Facebook if you’re still selling your soul over there.

Stop Feeding The Beast — Including Social Media

In fact, that brings me to the first solution right up front, stop feeding the beast. By trading our privacy for the convenience of easy connection, we are 100% supporting the very companies that steal, manipulate, and profit from our privacy. It’s literally an endorsement. That information is then used not only to profit from, but to manipulate our thoughts and actions.

You couldn’t help big tech more if you just wrote them a check.

What, You Don’t Know Facebook And Other Big Tech Giants Are The Media?

Sure they are. In fact, put a Google, Facebook, YouTube, and a Twitter in a room with every single ‘traditional‘ mainstream news organization like a CNN, Fox, NBC, CBS, BBC, and all the rest, and you have a room full of tech giants you can see and a bunch of mainstream ants you can’t see.

Not only do big tech companies have more money, and just as evil, they have WAY more control over us than any of the mainstream media. The scary thing is they’re all pretty much partnered with governments who have plans that should keep us up at night – every night.

Stop Watching And Believing A Word Mainstream Media Has To Say

This is something I’ve been talking about for years and I just listened to Spirko talk about it last week, how can anyone actually give mainstream media a second of their time when you know they’ve been lying to you for years?

I’ll try not to jump on my soapbox here because this is one of my pet peeves, we know we’ve been played by the government, which was clearly supported by mainstream media, for years now.

Here’s a 17½-minute clip I pulled from The Survival Podcast Episode #3045 – Expert Council Q and A for 03-03-2022, one of the few podcasts I listen to every single episode.

Again, this is Jack Spirko speaking below, not me. My photo and name just automatically appear on my audio player.

Rockefeller PDF that’s mentioned in the Jack Spirko clip.

Stop Participating And Start Building For Your Life And Family

I encourage you to take on a more self-reliant lifestyle and learn to depend less on mainstream anything. I say “less” because we’re always going to be dependent on others in some fashion, that’s what a society is. The cool thing is we get to decide who we rely on and to what degree.

I’m not saying we should leave our jobs, run out into the woods, live off-grid, and eat from the land unless that’s what you want to do. If so, great.

We can AND SHOULD have several month’s worth of food and supplies stored, so every time there’s a supply chain issue, run on the banks, or any reported emergency that’s designed to cause panic, instill fear, and make us run to the government for assistance, we don’t have to. We’re just fine, thank you.

I believe in this so much, I just happen to have a separate site that will help you get started on living a more self-reliant life – Next Step Survival.

I want to respect your time, so I’ll end it there for now. Later I want to get back to this topic as it relates to cancel-culture, climate change, government agendas, and how literally every reported emergency and tragedy is used to rip more of our freedom and liberty away from us. There’s so much to talk about.

Still trust the media? Then either I have failed or you’re an idiot. Probably a little of both.

Until next time, have a great week, Brian D. Hawkins

Featured Image credit: Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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