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Think Student Loan Forgiveness Is Unfair? That’s Childish.

Listen to this article:

So a poll by The Economist/YouGov shows that half of Americans believe Brandon’s move to student loan forgiveness is unfair to those that didn’t attend college. Really? Unfair? That’s your problem with it?

Let’s get into it for a minute.

In other headlines we see people complaining that it’s not fair to those that already paid off their student loans.

Waaahhh, You Crybabies. Grow Up.

There are good reasons to not like the idea of paying off student loans, and not being fair is not one of them.

How About Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Is Dangerous? Irresponsible? Illegal?

It’s not fair to the entire Country as we face the economical disaster that the Biden regime has caused. This is one more arrow into the heart of America’s role as the economic superpower of the world.

It’s not fair?
Since when has ANYTHING EVER been fair?
That’s a stupid argument.

That’s like when I was a kid at the ice cream stand (This never happened and I’m not having a Biden moment) and Sissy got sprinkles and hot fudge on her sundae and I only got hot fudge. Where are my sprinkles? That’s not fair daddy, I wanted sprinkles and now it’s too late.

Grow up, Sally. You can’t have sprinkles on your ice cream because you don’t deserve it.

If We’re Going To Hate Student Loan Forgiveness, Hate It For A Reason – Not A Feeling

Yes, student loan forgiveness is unfair. It’s unfair to everyone that has to pay for someone else’s debt. Taxes are unfair. Who exactly do you think is flipping the bill for this country? Nothing in life is fair.

Please stop with the childish boohoo crybaby arguments, you’re not helping. Try to think like a grownup for the first time and calmly use logic and reason to state your case.

That’s Right, I Said It.

Five donkeys, not three. I repeat, five donkeys, not three.

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  1. Stevey H Stevey H

    Most of what our government does is not fair. That has never been the point. The point is the government is supposed to solve problems and more or less the system does work even if it is imperfect. This is one of those situations where something has to be done but nothing can get done because our congress is too busy fighting over who bleeds red or blue when most Americans bleed purple. You know what else is unfair? Student loans in general are because it is predatory lending to a bunch of mostly 18 year olds who do not understand the repercussions of what that means. It is also the older generations fault because they are the generation of “Consumerism” and being a good little spender. Dave Ramsay just went over how Millennial’s (1980-1996) spend less money than any other generation since World War I and tend to be far more frugal. One of the main things that have saddled down my generation has been student loans and that is why we have been considered the main problem with our economy which Dave Ramsay flat out said in his show was complete crap that being fiscally conservative is a bad thing.

    The last thing I wanted to touch on has to do with student loan forgiveness being a good thing. It might not be fair but by forgiving up to $20k in student loans, that is money going back into our economy which a third of is based off consumer spending. Republicans are so quick to blame Biden for the economy but as soon as he does something like this that will help our economy, he gets crap for it. He could have forgiven $50k or even just said “all federal loans are forgiven.” It probably would have gotten challenged in court and this decision he made under the HEROES Act probably will get challenged in court. I doubt it is gonna go anywhere but he went with a far more conservative number than what progressives in his party wanted him to do. I don’t have any student loans because I went to the Army and got a G.I. Bill for doing so. That doesn’t mean I think it is unfair, I just simply believe this fixes one of the problems in the short term which is my generation being saddled down with tens of thousands of dollars in student loans that you can’t even go bankrupt on. The only real criticism you can levy at Biden is this doesn’t fix the real issue is that College is way too expensive but he doesn’t have the power to reform it. That is gonna take congress and we all know how effective congress has been at passing anything.

  2. Brian D. Hawkins Brian D. Hawkins Post author

    Thanks for your input Stevey. At first glance, I can see how reducing college debt for up to 43 million borrowers may seem like a nice plan to redirect that debt into spending, thereby helping the economy.

    Two huge problems with that thought. First, we’re in a high inflationary period. More spending (investing – smells the same) is what the fed is trying to avoid by increasing interest rates. Don’t even get me started on the Fed though.

    Second, that’s not money sitting in the coffers somewhere waiting to be earmarked for some worthy expenditure. It’s debt. It’s debt for future generations. The money doesn’t exist. Interest has to be paid on that debt. Interest and ownership – in this country.

    That kind of government spending causes inflation. Don’t believe me? We’re watching the proof play out right this moment. $3.8 trillion worth, just since Biden’s taken office (Or whoever is running things over there). How’s that “help” feel right now?

    You said,
    “Republicans are so quick to blame Biden for the economy but as soon as he does something like this that will help our economy, he gets crap for it.”

    The Republicans started the spending spree with Trump, seeing the covid as an excuse. Anyone that thinks things are going to magically get better “Once the Republicans take over” are delusional. It’s the same but different man. (I don’t know if you’re old enough to understand that reference) They are the same coin, just different sides. Left, right, blue, red, non of that matters. Just pick a side and argue amongst yourselves while we grow in wealth and power. The divide and conquer strategy was around way before left and right politics.

    It’s not about, Left is bad. Right is good. Watch me beat my flabby chest”. It’s about an administration, with the blessing of the liberal socialist party currently in power, taking us down a dark road that only ends in disaster.

    I know some will say, “They’ve been saying that forever.” Ok, then it must be ok. We should just spend our way into prosperity. Yeah, that sounds smart.

    Biden took Trump’s pandemic spending tactic and seems intent on bringing America down to her knees with it. That’s not an exaggeration. $3.8 trillion and rising fast – with high inflation and during a recession (No matter how much they argue that point). That’s crazy. It’s digging a hole that will take generations to dig out of.

    So, when you say, “as soon as he does something like this that will help our economy,” I have to wonder how burying us in more debt helps our economy. It helps up to 43 million borrowers at the expense of our economy., for what is essentially a band-aid for very few people in the grand scheme of things.

    Now, it’s not just this round of spending that’s killing us. This is just the latest spree. It’s also the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan that amounted to chump change for the people, doubling the size of the IRS, sending billions to Ukraine (that disappears like a ghost in the night, probably right into Putin’s pocket), and now, the Inflation Reduction Act, which is the exact opposite. The Inflation Reduction Act is a slimmed-down version of his retarded Build Back Better BS and is about placing the climate agenda above our freedom and the economy.

    I truly believe it’s about tearing us down to ‘build us back… Humm – better’. Almost like a great reset. Wait, that can’t be true, that’s just conspiracy nonsense. Yeah, keep telling yourself that, good little citizens.

    BTW, that last crack wasn’t geared at you personally.

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