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How A 98-Year-Old LDS Church Leader Helped Me Understand What’s Wrong With Podcasting (By Some Podcasters)

Why I’m pulling back from a couple of podcasters

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I’m not a religious man. I believe in a higher power but reject the idea that ANY man, book, or church of man can even comprehend what we refer to as God, much less teach his word. 

With that said, I do think there’s a lot of truth in man’s religion of God but that’s belief – the primary bases of religion. Hopefully, you can understand how my belief doesn’t exactly conflict with any religion, it just doesn’t support it. 

This short article is my take on what’s wrong with podcasting and how many podcasters get a little whacked out with huge egos and out of proportion self-importance. It’s like a celebrity giving their political opinion – just because they reach more ears doesn’t give it value in any real sense of the word.