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The Impending Repubocalypse – The Democratic Party Should Be Crapping Their Pants

Last updated on February 27, 2022

Who has the Democratic Party always had on its side? The working people, right? And the minorities. Well, people aren’t stupid, they know when they’re being played. Well, many of them do, for a few minutes anyway. At least they should if they read my blog.

Look at me thinking all left-wing and stuff.

Anyway, the problem with the Democratic Party is they’ve been playing their base too hard for too long. The minorities understand they’re only important months before a major election and kicked to the curb until the next campaign. The difficulty for them was there was no acceptable alternative. Now, the party of choice is not an acceptable choice any longer.

The same with the working class, which, by the way, are many of the minorities as well. They know they’re not being listened to.

But wait, there’s more. (Isn’t there always?)

Working-class people, the Democratic Party’s base, are fed up. They’ve watched the Dems tear apart a country that should have been untearable.

Sure, a lot of it started with the Trump mafia, I mean the Trump administration, but Biden took the socialistic and totalitarian idiocy to a whole new level.

Look, let’s be honest here. Trump is a hot mess and an embarrassment to this country. Personally, I hate the idea of him regaining office again, especially when he has little to lose as far as reelection goes.

(What? You assumed I was a republican? Watch your mouth. To me, that’s as much an insult as being called a democrat. I identify as an anarchist, thank you. Both sides can burn in hell as far as I’m concerned, and I imagine they will. Eventually)

But, Hillary? Biden? Harris? No, thank you. Welcome home, Mr. Trump. Try not to start WWIII, and please don’t do a thing with that hair. It makes cartoons that much more fun.

Oh, I digress. Back to being honest… So, since we’re being honest for a second, the reason we were graced with Trump in the first place was that the Democrats had disgusted enough working-class citizens that they would have elected Peewee Herman over Hillary.

Has anyone forgotten the crazy idea that we, you know, the few of us that actually work and flip the bill, should buy everyone a free college education?

Not only would that dilute the thousands and thousands of college graduates’ overall worth, but we’re also paying too much already.

There’s a ton of other idiot moves like that from the left, but we’d be here all night going over them. The point is, the left got stupid. I mean, even stupider than normal.

Then we got Trump. Thank you Democratic Party, you got him elected. So what did they do? The Democrats, I mean, what did they do after blowing it with stupidity?

They doubled down on stupid!

They are so far out of touch they simply cannot see the rage glaring at them from every face in America.

Biden can’t talk, walk, or apparently think, yet he has tried to bring this country to her knees at every turn. And he is succeeding. That’s actually amazing.

In the middle of an economic catastrophe, he wants illegal mandates.

Here’s a clue Joe, if judges keep telling you that you’re violating the very Constitution you swore to defend, you’re doing a pretty bad job.

Here, in case you forgot. Your oath is even shorter than everyone else, and you’re still screwing it up.

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

So Joe goes, “Well, if the stupid Constitution is getting in the way, I’ll force business to mandate, fire, and punish the American workers“, right in the middle of a mass worker exodus (The Great Resignation).

Oh, I can’t do that either? Well, we will pressure businesses into doing it anyway.

But wait, there’s… never mind, just keep reading.

Americans, tired, scared, and broken, have been stressed by rising prices and empty shelves since Biden has taken the helm. Sure, the pandemic caused a run on everything in early covid months, I mean the idiot’s responses did.

Fauci. ‘cough

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After two years of shortages, supply chain issues on everything from tiny computer chips to lumber, from food to the containers they’re shipped in, Biden decides we need more regulation, mandates, and control.

This is why the democrats are staring at an impending Repubocalypse and should be crapping their pants. Again. They know what’s coming but can’t seem to think clearly enough to understand – it’s the people stupid.

The people are turning against you again. You doubled down on stupid, and you can’t seem to learn from the extraordinary number of mistakes you’ve made.

Stop pushing and start fixing. Stop attacking, and start fixing. Oh, and fixing is not the same as regulating and spending.

I know I lost them with that last sentence, so I’ll stop here.

See ya, Brian

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