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This article was originally published by Michael Snyder at The Economic Collapse Blog 🔗 Sep 23, 2021

Yes, these shortages are really happening, and now the mainstream media is warning us to brace ourselves because they are going to get even worse.

The Economic Collapse Read it here


Michael Snyder did an amazing job researching and writing this article on the media’s take on the shortages we’ve been dealing with. Unfortunately, the predictions tend to point to things worsening before they let up.

Those predictions are not only by those pathetic organizations that claim to be reporting the news, most seasoned preppers have been warning of these shortages long before the media picked up on it.

It’s past the point to prepare folks, seriously. If you don’t have at least a month’s of food and supplies stocked up, I highly recommend you get busy. Now!

Start Here: Here’s an article I put together back in March but just added a video to last week. It’s a good place to start getting your supplies and food stocked up: How To Start A Prepper Pantry – Updated w/ Video

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