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This Is How I Blog These Days – With A 90-Pound Dog On My Lap

With a little room construction going on in the house, I’m doing most of my blogging sitting in a recliner in the living room. My 90-pound pitbull has always taken my action of reclining that chair back as an invitation to lay alongside my legs. And so it goes.

Several years ago, when we were struggling for a room with a house full of people, I converted our den/dining into a working pantry (You can watch my pantry tour here).

My working pantry
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I’m an out-of-the-closet prepper. See my prepper pantry tour.

Now that it’s just my wife and me again, I’ve been slowly (VERY slowly), rebuilding the back three bedrooms so I can move my office and pantry into those spaces. Eventually, we’ll get our dining area back.

Image - My unfinished office.
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I need to finish the carpet and get the floor molding in. I’m not good at this kind of thing.

I really don’t mind sharing the spot with my best bud, Porter. He’s an amazing boy and I’m just glad he feels so close to us. He’s a rescue and when he first came over to meet us (To see if this could become his forever home), he looked as if he’d rather eat us than sit by us.

After a few visits he began to accept us and now, a year and a half later, he’s as much a part of the family as anyone and he knows it. He’s a bit spoiled but knowing some of his past and the abuse he endured, I’ve made it my mission to make certain the rest of his life that he’s treated like royalty.

There’s not much point to this post other than to share a little of our situation and I get to talk a little about Porter.

I hope you’re doing well.

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