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Are You Too Stupid To Vote?

Last updated on November 6, 2022

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The title pretty much sums up this opinion piece, “Are You Too Stupid To Vote?” Are you too Programmed? We’re less than two days before the midterms and the stakes are higher than ever.

I will list a handful of issues at stake. Based on you’re reaction, you will have an idea of whether or not you are too stupid to vote.

Should Everyone Vote?

We’ve all heard the idiots spew this nonsense for years,

Everyone should vote. It doesn’t matter who you vote for, it’s your duty to get out and cast a vote.


Do yourself a favor, when you hear that BS, social distance yourself immediately because you are without a doubt in the presence of an idiot. An absolute moron that just parrots crap they’ve heard other idiots say.

Of course, everyone shouldn’t vote. If you’re too stupid to vote, don’t vote. If you haven’t been keeping up with what’s been going on and are unable or unwilling to catch up fast, you’re too stupid to vote.

Voting because you think you’re a democrat or republican, or worse because your parents were, makes you too stupid to vote. Sit this one out and watch some Netflix.

Can Anyone With Two Braincells Left To Rub Together Still Vote Democrat?

No matter how much you hated the orange man, it is obvious things on ALL fronts are incredibly worse with sleepy joe. The border? How’s that wall idea looking now? Gas prices? Remember when we were the World’s chief exporter of oil? Not reliant on other countries to keep us moving? Now our president is begging the Saudis for more production. At least until after the elections?! Unbelievable.

Lockdowns? Inflation? Letting criminals go? Locking up parents? Telling us things are better than ever like we’re just imagining the cost of everything. Pronouns. Gender bating for kids. Ruining careers for folks that dare to voice an opposing opinion? Trying hard to disarm law-abiding Americans? Shortages of everything – including diesel, which affects the cost of everything? Pushing for nuclear war? Sending billions to Ukraine and telling us we’re just fine? Injecting experimental drugs into our children AND INFANTS – even as the data are showing real dangers and that it ISN’T WORKING!?

All of the madness points left. All of it!

Everyone Has Gone Mad

Sure, it’s not just about the chief idiot in charge that matters, it’s what’s going on in congress, the states, and even local communities. Everyone has gone mad. The left isn’t the left anymore – it’s the FAR left. Extremist ideologies and one thing the left has always been known for – they want to force everyone into their way of thinking.

Why On Earth Would Anyone Stand With The Left?

Is it fair to say all democrats are stupid at this point? No, those running the show are clearly not stupid. They’ve gained fortunes and power by guiding the narrative. They have the help of most of the media and social sites but the results are clear – it pays big to rule and that means keeping the people stupid.

Are you too stupid to vote?

Are you going to stand firm with your rulers as the ground falls apart around you? Will you continue to believe the same rhetoric year after year – social programs, affirmative action, abortion is more important than our Constitution, minorities are too stupid to make it without extra help, it takes a village, white people are to blame, you need government help – as they rob you blind! Half of your pay is stolen and the left wants more of it while they take away your freedom.

Yeah, stand on that hill some more.

Put your hands on your hips, hold that chin up high and say it loud and proud, “I am a proud democrat“. Please, because it’s easier for the rest of us to tell who the stupid people are.

Are All Democrats Stupid?

Alright, that’s enough, Brian David❞, I can hear my mother saying to me. And Mom was right, there are other possibilities people might stay firmly held to the liberal left. They might just not be paying attention. I mean, not everyone eats and breathes politics. They have actual lives to live. 

Another possibility is they just hate the right so bad that they are blinded to the crimes being committed. They don’t see their Freedom and Liberty being thrown to the dirt and stomped on by the liberal far left. Oh wait, we’re back to stupid people again. 

Maybe they hate Donald so much they’re willing to lose a little Freedom as long as it goes against him and his Trumptard following.  Nope, back to stupid again.

Maybe they’re willing to see our economy tank if it helps the environment. But it doesn’t so, yep, stupid people again.

Alright, so there are basically two reasons people might stick with the left – they’re too busy to care… wait a minute. Doesn’t that make them stupid too? Ignorant for sure but stupid? Well, if they run their mouths and/or vote wrong due to ignorance, I’d argue that makes them very stupid.

So, there’s only one reason for an American, short of those running the operation to gain more cash and power, to continue embracing the left agenda at this point – they are stupid.

Are Those On The Right Stupid As Well?

You already know my answer here, don’t you? But, of course, the right is stupid. They’re stupid for not coming together and making change in a meaningful way EVERY time they have the majority. They never do.  They sit on their hands for two years until they lose the house or Senate and that’s when they start talking tough – when they aren’t.

The last chance the right had they sided with the left because they were more about politics than embracing the chaotic and inappropriate methods of Trump. They chose the game over the people. That makes them stupid.

Most of all, the right is stupid if they think the Republicans will fix the Nation’s problems once they retake the majority. They won’t. They are politicians. Politicians are going to politic. 

Is Every Voter Stupid?

No, not at all. Just the stupid ones. The problem is, really stupid people aren’t aware of their stupidity. Watch AOC, with those bright red lips. Those lips don’t know they’re spewing out toxic waste because they’re too stupid to know that intelligence is not why everyone’s paying so much attention.

Seriously, if you are going to vote hoping to see change, well… you already know. I’m not even going to say it. The best we can hope for at this point is to see a slowdown of the insanity. 

Slowdown Of Insanity

Less bug eating. Less killing of farmland, crops, and livestock. Less gender-affirming care, eg cutting off kids’ junk, poisoning, deforming, and sterilizing children, and convincing them to make adult changes because morons know better than the parents that actually love their children. Yeah, way less of that.

Fewer roadblocks in our markets, business, and an economy based on lies about green energy that are actually not adequate and built on the backs of slavery and communistic abuse. 

Less open borders, inviting illegals in and rewarding them for breaking American law.

Less big brother policing the world, getting in the middle of wars, and exacting punishment on other nations at the expense, literally, of the American citizen.

Less government tyranny and authoritarianism dished out under fabricated emergencies and exaggerated crises.

The Right Will Double Down On Stupidity

I’ve said this before, political morons will never learn. They lose big, and rather than pulling back on some of the more extreme ideas that caused the pushback by society, they double down on stupidity and get even more extreme.

Case in point, the left is responsible for Trump becoming president. Anyone willing to be honest with themselves and have an ounce of intelligence can see that. We had a hideous, and possibly murderous, human being doing her best to destroy our Constitution and get us closer to a socialistic police state than we’ve seen up to that point.

Hillary was Obama 2.0 and that woke up America. They weren’t having it. We ended up with Trump. Wow, talking about extreme. Thanks, Hillary, I hate your nasty-looking prunish face.

What did the republicans do? Now that they had the majority AND the most direct and powerful president since Reagan? Nothing. Notta. The square root of eff all. Trump had to use executive orders for every change and we all know what that means – nothing.

Of course, the right being as stupid as the left, did they learn from their humiliating loss? I doubt it. We’ll see but I’m sure little good will be done in the near future. The ghost of Brandon is still haunting the White House and that’s really all the excuse a lousy politician needs to do nothing beyond threats and rhetoric.

Will people go to jail? Fauci? Nope, we can just hope the right brings us a slower and less painful decline.

All empires fall, the left just falls faster and harder. It hurts more.

Brian D. Hawkins

Am I Optimistic?

I am optimistic. Eventually, Klaus Schwab will move back down to rule hell (He’s 84 now) and hopefully he won’t see the World Economic Forum’s agenda come to complete fruition. It has, however, already begun. Australia and Canada are lost causes at this point. The US will probably follow.

Oh, you thought I was optimistic about America’s future? No, I’m optimistic that with my age and health that there is a real possibility that we can delay the inevitable until after my death. For many of you, well, you’re just hosed.

Happy voting, Brian

Don’t forget: How high are the stakes? Is it too late?

We are at the event.
I repeat. We are at the event.

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