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Have We Lost Trust In American Leadership?

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The more I read, watch, and listen to the news, commentary, and statistics, I’ve noticed a clear trend – Trust In American Leadership is waning. Are people wising up? Wow, that took a minute. I had all but lost hope in the majority (sheep and morons).

Why Aren’t Polls & Statistics Trusted?

I can only speak for myself, and I do so ad nauseam, but I’m sure poll results can be ❛guided❜ based on the questions asked, the way they are asked, who is asked, and even the order in which the questions are presented.

I haven’t done any research on the matter, but I believe there’s a science behind getting the desired results from most polls.

Who paid for the poll? The question in my mind is always, “Who sponsored the poll?” If it was the left or right committee of the ❛this or that❜ branch of political lying azz hacks, we could expect the results to clearly support the message and agenda of those liars on the left or right, based on which side flipped the bill.

So, without any evidence and spewing my opinionated dribble, I believe most pollsters can be bought by the highest bidder. The results support the sponsors’ message; they can also be used to form public opinion.

There’s not much trust in polls by most thinking people. Lucky for the pollsters, most people are idiots. This is clearly the case, as demonstrated by the last election.

The Lack Of Trust In American Leadership Is Widespread

When I refer to Trust In American Leadership, I’m not just talking about the federal or all governments, including the local and state governments. As much as I hate to admit it, those leading our largest businesses are also in American leadership.

Trust in social media is down. Trust in mainstream media is WAY down. No one with any sense will trust government branches, committees, or the lobbyists that control the narrative.

Based on a recent Gallup poll, where I took the two main ❛trust columns❜ – Trust them (A Great deal & Quite a lot) and compared them to the two main ❛distrust columns❜ Trust them (Some & Very little), we get something that looks like this:

Not Trusted – The church or organized religion, the Supreme Court, public schools, newspapers, congress, TV news, organized labor, the presidency, police, the medical system, the criminal justice system, big tech, big business, banks, HMOs, news on the internet – all lost a foothold if they ever held it. The majority distrusts (lost confidence) them.

Trusted – While only the military, small businesses, and science held onto the majority of trust (confidence).

The federal and state alphabet agencies? Yeah, bought and paid for by the most corrupt of the corrupt.

    The Lack Of Trust In American Leadership Is Nothing New

    Even though the graph above is titled “Public trust in government near historic lows,” there’s been a clear decline in trust in the government since Johnson fifty-eight years ago. It looks like Nixon shot the lack of trust down to record numbers in the early ’70s, only to see bumps up in three republican presidents, Reagan, and the two Bushes. Obama, Trump, and Biden seem to be sliding around at the bottom of the cesspool.

    I don’t want to take the time to research, but I bet those declining numbers can be matched with the increase in online information access. It wouldn’t be a leap to assume that all politicians are lying scum bags and always have been. Technology and access to news, information, and social media haven’t been kind to the lowlife elite.

    Idiots Will Always Have Trust In American Leadership

    As I mentioned above, that hasn’t stopped the idiots from being idiots. They’ve failed to recognize the Divide And Conquer Game, have chosen sides (Trump vs. Biden at the moment), and continue to fight for the illusion like the little idiot pawns they are.

    ❝They will continue to follow and support the side that stole their hearts and minds as they brutally took it all in hard and dry. ❞

    Brian D. Hawkins

    That is the true definition of a political idiot.

    Honestly, it’s a good thing. Those bumper stickers, hats, and yard signs are as convenient as tattooing ❛Idiot❜ on their foreheads. Left and Right.

    Not All Pollsters Are Created Equal

    Just like mainstream and social media, pollsters tend to lean right or left. Of course, money will always play a large role in loyalty. We can see the who’s who and which way they favor in FiveThirtyEight’s Pollster Ratings. You can click on any of the 493 polling companies ranked in the report for more details.

    More Of My Opinion

    The lack of trust in American leadership is well deserved and correct. As I already mentioned, this lack of trust and confidence is nothing new, but I can’t think of another time when we’ve been lied to and deceived more.

    Government is a gun that shoots money at your enemy and blows up in your face. - Stefan Molyneux
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    In the last three years, watching the continuous and blatant lies and attacks we’ve endured has been astonishing. When the truth is labeled misinformation and disinformation, professions and experts’ careers are ruined for standing for truth and science, when science takes a back seat to extreme acceptance of mental disorder and child abuse. All while mainstream media and big tech support and enforce the madness.

    The lack of trust in American leadership isn’t due to rampant misinformation. It’s due to chronic lies by the leadership. They aren’t trusted because they can’t be trusted. We don’t need polls for that.

    So, back to the original question, Have We Lost Trust In American Leadership?

    That’s for you to answer. I believe trust in American leadership has been lost for decades, yet they maintain control and power. That’s the confusing part. It just shows who the sheep really are and why we continue to follow.

    See ya, Brian

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    The blue dot is bright.
    I repeat, the blue dot is bright.

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