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Tulsi Gabbard On Authoritarianism – The Authoritarian Regime Of Joe Biden – Video

This week, a little late, I have two featured videos for you. Both are with Tulsi Gabbard on Joe Biden and his authoritarian viewpoint while dividing the people.

Every time President Joe Biden opens his mouth, he exposes his authoritarian views and ideology. That’s bad when you are the leader of the free world [/sarcasm], guide policy, and have the power of executive action. Every bit as dangerous as Trump but it’s harder to catch because Biden babbles on, so often you’re never sure if he’s just confused again. Don’t let that fool you, the man wants to rule, not govern.

This week’s two featured videos are, First with Hannity and then Steve Hilton with ‘The Next Revolution‘, both featuring Tulsi Gabbard. I’m not a big fan of Fox News, but I really love hearing Tulsi Gabbard’s viewpoints.

Even though Tulsi Gabbard is a Democrat, and I’m a self-professed Anarchist, her common-sense approach to many of the topics of the day is far more interesting to me than the loud and obnoxious rhetoric we hear daily from both the left and the right.

Biden’s a maniac. He’s not a feeble old man being handled like a puppet, that’s just wishful thinking of the right. Biden is dangerous and he’s evil. I mean, more than all the other evil and dangerous politicians.

My two cents, as usual. Hawkins out.

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