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This site is user-supported and the value for value exchange is growing more popular by the day and I love that concept. There are several safe methods below where you can support what I do in a value-for-value exchange.

On that note, if you find value in what I do here, if something helped you in some way, offering your value for the value I’ve given is appreciated. Appreciated, not required. I don’t want to turn this opinion blog into something commercial and I certainly don’t want to take anything from someone that may not be able to afford it.

I do, however, pour my heart and soul into many of my articles. I think most people would be blown away if they understood the time commitment involved in writing a single article. Some of my more elaborate opinion pieces will easily take up 12 to 14 hours of my time and that’s not an exaggeration.

Truthfully, a lot of that is my fault. I never learned to type. As I write this right now, I’m using my two index fingers. I use my thumb for the space bar. True story. 🙂

I don’t allow sponsored ads or paid content on the site because I want the articles to be authentic and real. I do use affiliate links on occasion but seldom does anyone use them and when they do, it’s very minimal.

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Hey, Bitcoin anyone?

I’m getting this setup now.

Thank you for your support, Brian D. Hawkins