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My Fresh Vegetable Soup Recipe

I’ve been quite the cook lately. Especially soups, I love making fresh and healthy soup. Today I made vegetable soup using farm fresh vegetables, my new Vitamix® blender, and a cast iron pot. It turned out so good I decided to share it with you. The recipe, that is – the soup is all gone. 😉

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I took my cast iron Dutch Oven and boiled two quarts of water. I added two carrots and a large onion, both chopped up using the Vitamix blender

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. I let that cook while I started making my homemade chicken broth.

Broth made with the Vitamix blender

I tossed two large tomatoes, a green pepper (seeds and core cleaned out), a small garlic clove, a tiny bit of ginger root, and chicken bullion into the Vitamix blender. I set the Vitamix on “Hot Soup” and let it run. Oh, I also added a a couple small habanero pepper into the broth as well.

Back to the pot – mixing everything

While the Vitamix was mixing and cooking my homemade broth, those onions and green peppers have been cooking in the cast iron pot and are getting nice and soft.

Once the Vitamix was done with the broth (about 6 minutes), I poured the entire blender into the pan, adding it to the cooking onions and green peppers.

Now I added sliced of fresh cucumber and a butt load of fresh muchrooms. I add those last because the don’t take long to cook and I wanted to make sure the onions and green peppers cooked soft.

I simply covered the pot and simmered until my wife got home (about twenty minutes).

Great tasting fresh vegetable soup

It was amazing! Everything is fresh and bought straight from our local farm. Nothing frozen, processed, or packaged (other than the organic chicken bouillon).

NOTE: I would normally have added a stalk of celery but I was out of celery today. Another option you might want to add would be small red potatoes. I love potatoes but I’ve avoiding too many carbs these days.

I would add the diced celery and chopped red potatoes (with skin) to the initial pot with the onion and green pepper.

My only regret? That I couldn’t share the soup with you. Oh well, I didn’t know I was going to post a soup recipe and it was gone in minutes. Maybe next time.

Fresh Vegetable Soup Ingredients

1 Large Onion
2 Fresh Carrots
½ cup Sliced Fresh Mushrooms
1 Cucumber
1 Stalk of Celery
2 Green Peppers (One goes in the broth mix)
2 Large Fresh Tomatoes (Goes in the broth mix)
1 Small Habanero Pepper (Goes in the broth mix)

Optional for more of a hot spice taste:
Hungarian wax pepper or Jalapeno Pepper

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