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Weekly News Roundup #39 This Week In The News Sep 26 – Oct 2, 2021

Last updated on September 5, 2022

This Week In The News is where I break down and link to news and articles I’ve read over the last week and want to share with you.

Unlike thousands of other websites, I don’t feel the need to rewrite, or worse, plagiarize news from elsewhere. If I think it’s interesting and relevant to my interests, I share it.

On that note, I may, on occasion, offer my own commentary on whatever I choose to share, here or anywhere else.

Massive Alligator Eats Other Alligator Whole in South Carolina

MSN / Storyful Oct 1, 2021

Don’t watch this while eating dinner.

More Than Half Of US Police Killings Are Mislabelled Or Not Reported, Study Finds

The Guardian Oct 1, 2021

Imagine that, the police covering up their own murders. Who’d a thunk it?

California Scrambles To Ban ‘Ghost Guns’ As Untraceable Weapons’ Popularity Soars

The Guardian Sep 30, 2021

California always leads the bleeding heart socialists as they stomp on people’s rights and freedom.

Blast From The Past

6 Basic Recipes To Prepare Off-Grid

Survivopedia Oct 19, 2015

Check out my ‘Off-Grid Cooking From The Pantry‘ series too.

This Week’s Winner Of The “Stupid Statement Of The Week Award” Goes To:

Image -  Stupid Statement Award
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This Week’s Stupid Statement Award Goes To Epidemiologist Larry Brilliant

Unlike many people we see online, I’d like to actually know and understand the truth, whether or not it moves my agenda forward. That’s probably because I have no agenda. Well, not as far as what truth is reported.

Anyway, that’s why I decided to read an interview of a well-respected Epidemiologist, Larry Brilliant by Steven Levy of Wired.

The ‘Forever Virus’ Won’t Go Away Until Kids Get Vaccinated

It’s hard to take anyone seriously when you see/hear them say stupid $h@t. And that was the case in this interview. At least for me. I lost respect in the conversation as well as the ‘expert‘ with the following quotes.

The three things that we know will keep kids safe are vaccination, testing, and masking.

If you get vaccinated, you are not dying. And we need to remember that the vaccinated can still transmit the disease. You have to be masked. But we have all the tools that we need to defeat this disease.

So vaccinated people don’t die from Covid? And vaccinated people still spread the desire and should still wear a mask? But vaccinations are what’s going to keep kids safe?

Again, the virus won’t go away until kids get vaccinated? But kids that are vaccinated can still spread covid and should still get tested and wear a mask?

Is it me or is this guy spending too much time drinking from test tubes and beakers or is he just watching too much CNN?

Mr. Brilliant also goes on to mention the shortages in beds in ICUs as if the reason for the bed shortages we due to Covid-19 hospitalized, not staff shortages.

Believe me, I am NOT saying the crises aren’t real or that we’re in very dangerous times here, I’m saying the politicians, media, and so-called medical and scientific leaders lie so often people are beginning to understand they can’t be trusted.

Combine that with corporate greed (Hospitals lying about covid cases and deaths for profit) and we begin to understand what the bigger crises really is.

“People demand freedom of speech as a compensation for the freedom of thought which they seldom use.”

― Søren Kierkegaard

Question of the Week

If you spend just one hundred dollars buying bitcoin right now, how much Bitcoin would you own today assuming today’s ₿ (BTC) value of $47910.20 and this is your first Bitcoin purchase or transaction? (Keep it simple, let’s not factor in things like the split, ups, and downs, or transaction fees, just simply outrageously wonderful math). Basically, what is $100 US equal to in Bitcoin today?

Bye Bye

That’s all I have this week. There’s a lot more but I want to respect your time.

Translation - My wife is rushing me because she wants to go to Sam's Club. 🙃

See ya, Brian

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