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Weekly News Roundup #44 This Week In The News Oct 31 – Nov 6, 2021

Last updated on September 5, 2022

News stories I read from October 31st through November 6th, 2021, and now I’m sharing those links with you. We call this ‘curated content‘ or curated news.

Each week in our This Week In The News series, I curate the news and articles that I have read this week and believe worthy of sharing with you.

I read a lot. I read news and articles I agree with, that I don’t agree with, that make me think, that make me mad. This is NOT a list of reads to get you thinking in any certain direction. I have no agenda other than to share what I read this week.

Unlike thousands of other websites, I don’t feel the need to rewrite, or worse, plagiarize news from elsewhere. If I think it’s interesting and relevant to my interests, I share it.

Question of the Week

This week’s question: When did Kroger begin accepting cryptocurrency as a method of purchase payment?

The answer will be in next week’s Weekly News Roundup #45.

Answer to our last question of the week:

Last Week’s Question:  According to a newly obtained FBI document, which of the largest cellphone companies have the worst policies that affect the user’s (consumer) privacy, including data released to law enforcement?

Answer: That would be good ol’ AT&T. These government patsies store user data WAY beyond necessary, thereby having it available for a law enforcement agency that may need it.

This includes call records, cell site information and tower dumps for seven years! Verizon stores this type of data for one year, and T-Mobile for two years.

The amount of personal data these cellphones provide can give to law enforcement is crazy. Your name, address, contacts, even your social security number. If I’m reading the document correctly, it looks like videos may be stored as well?

Anyway, read it for yourself It’s the same old same ol’, but it’s amazing we keep handing over our privacy and freedoms for convenience and pleasure. Oh well, read it for yourself. Here’s the FBI document. [Source]

Thanks for reading, Brian

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