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Weekly News Roundup #47 This Week In The News Nov 21 – 27, 2021

Last updated on September 5, 2022

Weekly News Roundup #47 is a curated list of news and interesting articles I read from Sunday, November 21st through Saturday, November 27th, 2021. Marketers call this ‘curated content‘. People that look like me call it curated news. I call it spreading mostly lies because few people care about the truth anyway. Trumptards might call a lot of it fake news. Don’t want to leave them out.

The Weekly News Round-Up is where I share those links for you each week here on my personal blog. Each week in our This Week In The News series, I sort through (curate) and share the news and articles that I have read of the previous week and feel are worth sharing with you.

I read a lot of news and articles from a variety of topics and viewpoints. Some I agree with, some I don’t. This isn’t Fox or CNN, I have no agenda. Read the links, don’t read them, it’s all the same to me. I’m just sharing what I read over the last week because bloggers just do stuff like that.

I may offer my own personal commentary on a linked article occasionally, but I try to limit that type of opinion to a minimum so as not to lead or influence others into my way of thinking.

That’s just not what this section on my blog is for, even though my way of thinking is right. No, not that right silly, I’m not a chicken. I have no wing. I mean my way of thinking is correct. There. No, really, it’s true. My Mom told me so.

Actually, she was a Demoncrat and thought I was the evil one. Guess she was right. I mean left. Oh, forget it.

Unlike thousands of other websites, I don’t feel the need to rewrite, or worse, plagiarize news from elsewhere. If I think it’s interesting and relevant to my interests, I share it.

Weekly News Roundup #47

Weekly News Roundup #47 only has 36 news and article links (If I don’t add more later) with topics from a 1949 smart toaster to the latest monster, the scary Omicron coronavirus variant. 😱

From American kids are fat (You think?) to NASA shooting a missile at an asteroid. Anyone for a classic movie watch night late next September? We can all watch Armageddon again. But hey, don’t invite Bruce Willis, he’ll probably decline the invite.

From an 11-year-old girl finding a silver coin dating back to the period of The Great Revolt and the Destruction of the Second Temple (An interesting piece of history) to Fauci saying everyone should get the booster shot before the winter surge takes us out.

Thank God Fauci Has A Handle On Things

Anyway, let me know if you found something interesting and what you’ve read over the last week. Enough talk, here are those articles, Weekly News Roundup #47:

Question of the Week

Sitting in her living room, what color did Sandra Bullock paint Keanu Reeves’ fingernails?

The answer will be in next week’s Weekly News Roundup #48.

Answer to our last question of the week:

Last Week’s Question:  How was the 2020 $100 billion climate finance target spent?

Answer: No one knows.

Developed countries, as we’re finding out now, have missed that $100 billion target. Just as importantly, though, it turns out that no one—no individual, no government, no multilateral agency—knows precisely how all this climate funding is being spent, or even if it’s being spent at all.

Quartz (

Thanks for reading, Brian

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