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Weekly News Roundup #48 This Week In The News Nov 28 – Dec 4, 2021

Last updated on September 5, 2022

This week’s Weekly News Roundup #48 has a busy lineup of articles and news reports to recap, from asteroids to Moby Dick to pyramids. Why not just make it an even fifty? Cause I’m an oddball, that’s why. 🙂

Diversity Is Good When It Comes To Reading News & Stories

I’ve done a lot of reading over the last week and my favorite part of it all, other than sharing some of it with you in Weekly News Roundup #48? A diversity in topics, with a little less COVID-19 and politics. Sure, there’s some of those COVID-19 and boring political stories, but that’s not going away anytime soon.

I’m just enjoying the task of digging in a little deeper and pulling out some of the more interesting stories that’s been getting overshadowed by the mainstream mind-numbing interest in chaos. 🥱 😴

What’s Worth Noting for Week #48’s Weekly News Roundup?

Let’s see, linked below in our latest edition of our This Week In The News series, you’ll find stories from the stupid Omicron variant to nasty debt collectors can now text, email and DM you on social media. The latest on the Oxford Michigan school shooting to scientists finding a protein that may point to the cause of Alzheimer’s disease.

From why the ancient Egyptian pharaohs may have stopped building pyramids to Alec Baldwin basically saying the gun pulled its own trigger. From a large asteroid stronger than a nuke heading towards Earth to NASA taking on the ‘Killer Asteroid” threat in the future.

Love Great Photos?

Be sure to check out these amazing photographs picked as contestants for the top wildlife photography award. To say these pictures are breathtaking is an understatement. Here’s just one example:

Humpback Whale Photo
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©2021 Copyright Douglas Croft

Here’s The News Round-Up

Weekly News Roundup #48 Question of the Week

Until Jack Dorsey officially steps down from Twitter, he’s the CEO of both Twitter and Square right now. What’s bigger, Twitter or Square?

The answer will be in next week’s Weekly News Roundup #49.

Answer to our last question of the week:

Last Week’s Question:  Sitting in her living room, what color did Sandra Bullock paint Keanu Reeves’ fingernails?

Answer: Black

“Bullock poured some Champagne, and they opened the truffles. Keanu put his hands out, without a word, and Bullock painted his nails black, same as hers.”


Thanks for reading, Brian

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